Distance Learning & Integrated Wellness During A Crisis For Children

Parenting during a crisis can be challenging. We are in a state of fear of the unknown and it can be tough. Through this though, as parents we have to provide our children with the space of calm and peace. We are all devoted to our children's education, so it is going to be helpful for us all to maintain a sense of mental calmness to reduce anxiousness and fear.

Many schools have instituted e-Learning days and that's exciting for many reasons, However, there is a growing concern our children are at risk for anxiety and anxiousness during this time, and rightfully so! With memorable academic celebrations being cancelled like class trips, proms, graduation ceremonies etc., this can be devastating.

The best way we can counteract these setbacks, would be to (and in some cases) introduce a wellness plan into their e-Learning day, for them and for us. Yes, completing academic tasks are important, but so is the mental state of us all. Check out the guide below and use it to help formulate your own wellness plan to fit the ecosystem of your home.