Distantly Celebrating Through The Holidays

It's an exciting time of year but it's a pressurizing time for many of us. However, there are some ways we can celebrate safely while enjoying our family. I think this is a humbling way to remember why family and friendships are so important and why those people mean so much to us. I believe the greatest gift we can give one another is to be safe and not gather. Here are some quick ideas!

1. Virtual Dinner Party - I know we are tired zoom, however, I am certain we all have a great appreciation for it as well...so, let's put it to use! Arrange a call and eat together! Although its not the same, you are still given the opportunity to joke around, laugh and see one another. Don't forget the wine!

PRO TIP: Cast it on your TV so that you can see people easier.

2. Drive Thru Dinner - If you are the famed cook of the family, or people love your sweet potato pie, prepackage meals and place them on a table outside your door. Allow family member to pick up a meal with NO contact. You know your family best, if you think this will work try it! Arrange a time when all items will be placed on the table!

PRO TIP: Add cute ribbons, packaging, and a note to say "I love you!" This is sure to bring in the true spirit of the season, and it's cute!

3. Movie Night - Gather your friends and or family and indulge in one of the holiday movies that are on Netflix or Disney. Watch together using Netflix Watch Party or Disney+ Watch Together.

PRO TIP: Include snack and have another device avaialble if you would like to see one another in real time while watching the movie.

4. Friendsgiving - Gather your friends virtually. Here is a game plan:

1. Everyone prepare the same dish and prepare to eat live on zoom.

2. Create a theme for the night.

3. Grab the same bottles of wine for a mini wine tasting


So, I know for some, these ideas may not be ideal because you miss your family, and I understand, I am with you! However, think of ways you can still love on your family apart this year. Levereage technology and delivery services and stay strong during this time. If we all work together, we can get through this.

Happy Holidays!