DIY Easter Basket Ideas For All Ages

Easter Baskets. We are stumbling upon Easter and this is the time when parents are scrimping and scrambling for Easter Basket ideas or ones that can be purchased in store. Sometimes, we can make this such a stressful situation when it doesn't have to be. I would like to help mamas take the stress out of creating and buying Easter Baskets by giving you a couple ideas to help you eliminate the guesswork. (Hey parents, try to add a couple pieces of fruit to your child's Easter Basket to promote healthy eating.)

Consider The Child - Instead of creating a basket full of the items you'd like for your child. Consider the items you know for sure you child would love. As parents we become overly excited and we overspend know that's just what us mamas do. Let switch it up and think about what the kiddos would prefer.

Ready for an Easter Egg hunt!

Remember The Season - IF you are a Christian mama, consider items for the basket that is indicative of the meaning of Easter. Provide your children with devotional books, a mustard seed necklace, Christian journals and Christ centered novelty items. This is is great for the mom that would like to really bring home the true meaning of the season.

Dollar Tree Haul - Not all mamas love the dollar store however, I do! Dollar Tree have great supplies you can use to create and fill your child's easter basket. Socks, snacks,nail polish, drink mugs/cups etc.

Hidden Treasures - Ditch the basket and create a scavenger hunt curated by the “Easter Bunny.” This would be fun and puts a spin on the easter egg hunt.

Gift Cards Haven - For those older children that still enjoy Easter Baskets, create a basket full of gift cards to their favorite places. Remember this is not Christmas so, $5-$10 cards should do you well. Places like Starbucks, Target, McDonald's,Walgreens, Dunkin Donuts, etc are places where you can get a kickstart.

A Night At The Movies - Does your child have a favorite movie that is on DVD? Put it in a basket and pair it with popcorn, snacks, a drink and a novelty item that’s in alignment with the movie or its theme.

Tiny Tots - This the age where they are still curious and put things in their mouth. For these kiddos grab toys that are safe to chew on and does not present any choking hazards. Add the toddler snacks to top it off.

Toddler Time - These are the kiddos that are a little bit more independent. Crayons, barbies, paint, toy cars, board books are all great items to stuff into their basket. Add some of their favorite snacks

Spa Day - If you head to Target now, in the dollar spot you may find cool items. Essential oils, body scrub, candles, face masks etc. are items that are perfect.

Beautycounter - If you have a teen that you have allowed to start wearing makeup. Snag eyeshadows, eyeliners, glosses, make-up remover, cosmetic brushes etc to create them a basket full beauty products. These are all products you can easily grab from the drugstore.

Gamers Paradise - Does your child love fortnite? Load up a basket full of credits that can be applied towards the game, a couple snacks and drinks. I am sure your gamer kid would appreciate this for sure.

I hope these ideas help you jump start your Easter Basket creations and eliminates some of the guesswork. Remember, Easter is supposed to be reflective and fun, don't make it stressful. remind your child what this season is all about and have fun while doing it.

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