Don't Wear Your Tiredness Like A Badge of Honor: Set The Intentions For Your Day

Let’s talk about setting the intentions for our day as a mom and woman.

Slow poking myself into the New Year, I have really been feeling this practice of setting the intent for my day. Not only is it keeping me hella motivated to push through, but it also makes me feel more full of purpose in a more tangible way.

As a mother I have been feeling like I am on a wild goose chase. Many call it super mom but I counter that by saying, “I am super tired.” This does not mean supermama’s don’t exist because my goodness, I see many mama’s and I am in awe at how they get it all done, it's remarkable!

But we shouldn’t carry exhaustion as our normalcy right? We shouldn't carry our tiredness as a badge of honor or as a right of passage to how great of a mom we are.

The wild goose chase I have been on has been with myself. I love upstaging myself and when I feel like, “today is not the day Ericka,” I am submissive and let my previous victories continue to prevail. I am able to submit because I am comfortable with who I am and the abilities I know I have. I don’t feel one failure or many are a reflection of how SUPER or GREAT I am. Now, let me be very clear. Some days, its easy for me to be submissive but there are days it's like a game of tug of war.

Mama’s we have to remember how great we are without the likes or validation. We have to look at our history to remind us of our strength.

Setting your intentions for your day affirms you, your gifts and abilities. It's a way for you to let the universe know you are coming after everything that you know God has said is meant for you. It’s a way of looking at the day as a new beginning full of positivity and possibility.

While this mama here doesn’t have all the answers, I love to share with you my perspective as my heels sink in this motherhood gig daily. There are moments I feel on top of the world and there are moments when I feel it sits on my shoulders. Despite those feelings though, countering them with positivity is the way to combat the stress, anxiety and sadness.

Set your intentions. You don’t have to get too deep. Let the universe know that when your feet hit the floors outside of your bedroom you are ready to conquer everything that comes in your path. You are prepared to rise to the occasion and be the best that you have to give on that day. Are you ready?

Take control and care!

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