E-Learning Desk Shopping For Older Children

The school year is sitting on our heels and most of our children (especially high schoolers) are headed back into an e-learning/distance learning model. While many parents are not excited about the decision and children alike, I found the best way to make light of the situation was to do something that universally makes us happy, SHOPPING!

YES, I took my high-schoolers to Homegoods and Target, and we prepared their desk for their e-learning experience. For me, it was important the children have a space that's functional, easy on the eyes and comfortable. Here is how I processed the experience.

The Desk - If your child does not have a desk currently, I can tell you places like IKEA are already out of stock but DON’T FRET! You can get creative with this. You can shop around for a small table and it can be utilized just as easy. Also, check Facebook Marketplace, Offer-Up and resale places if you are down to save a couple of coins!

Desk Essentials - There are a couple of items that are a must have for your desk (and school) like a calculator, stapler, paperclips, pens, pencils, paper etc. We got these items from Target so that they are fully stocked with items they need.

Desk Decor - This was the fun part for my girls. We took over Homegoods and purchased cool items to make the disk look pretty and curate a space that makes them feel happy.

  • Desk Lamp

  • Corkboard/Whiteboard

  • Photogarland (to hang pictures of friends)

  • Coffee Cup

  • Tape dispenser

  • Desk Plant

  • Candle

  • Whiteboard calendar

  • Picture Quotes

Beyond The Desk - So, I believe in the Google mentality, that learning, working and synergy can happen beyond the desk. With this, it's a good idea to add a bean bag chair (or similar) to your child's room, so they have an additional space to work. Movement is always a good thing and it can help with anxiety. Check out my post here about creating a Less Ridgid and Relaxed Enviroment for distance learning.

While we may not be excited about distance learning, it's great that we have the option to have our children educated in the midst of a social disruption. Let’s make the best of it mamas, lean on your village and stay encouraged. If you are looking for more ideas, please check out Chicago Parent Magazine for super cool ideas for your younger children!

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