Explore The Outdoors With Your Kids

There is something sweetly unsettling about this time in life, right? Many states are embarking on moving to another phase of “opening,” which means having the ability to get out and go to more places. I’ve gathered from social media, a wide range of emotions from parents regarding the "opening" of everything. Some parents are ecstatic, while the news, for some, feels like an atomic bomb has been dropped on their shoulders, making it feel harder to breathe. However, the sweetness in all of this has been the liberty to move more freely without being bounded by strict schedules. To be honest, it has felt liberating!

Nevertheless, It's important that we acknowledge that our feelings are valid. It is okay if you are full of anxiety during this time and it's okay if you have no opinion and you will allow things to manifest organically. Today, though, I feel it's important that we make the decisions to just be, and enjoy the day.

There are so many things that have our emotions in a chokehold right now and it's time to release that and allow ourselves an opportunity to enjoy this time with our family, as the weather is more favorable (especially in Chicago). Here are a list of activities that you can enjoy outdoors with your family as we navigate this time.

Get out in nature - Visit the state and local forest preserves. Take the plunge to visit a different one a couple times a week or daily. The energy that you receive from outdoors is the best feeling.

Visit a lighthouse - Children love to see the tall structures, they make for great pictures, most importantly, you are out in nature and near water. It’s not as lame as it may sound, young kids will enjoy the sight of it. Check out this link to find one near you.

Get Moving - Create an obstacle course for your children outside. You can use random items around the house or from your garage. This is a great opportunity to get the children out of the house.

Water Play - Grab the water hose and spray the kids down or you can buy a kiddie pool and allow the children to splash in it. While it may not take the place of the local pools in your neighborhood, it's still a great way to enjoy water outside! You can incorporate water play toys as well, including water balloons.

Farmers Market - The farmers markets in my area are opening up and it's a great opportunity to be outdoors and to introduce your children to fresh foods! You can use this time to educate them on foods, and you cook dishes using the foods you have purchased.

The deal is this mamas, it's not going to be perfect, it's not going to be exactly the same BUT it can be a great time. Plus this is good for our mental health and our children too! Are you ready? Get out and have fun! Tag me, I’d love to see the fun!

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