Feeling Sexy And Comfortable In Your Mom Body

After months of carrying a baby and inheriting cankles, saggy breasts, tiger stripes and sometimes thinning hair, it's amazing how things for you seem to change in an instant. You no longer feel you have sex appeal let along, any interest in doing what it takes to create babies! Six months out from having your baby, you may still feel the evidence of childbirth and see its remnants left behind in the face of, excess weight around your midsection and thighs. Can you tell, I have felt this way before (Back to back pregnancies can shake you up). NOT ANYMORE though! I decided it's time I embrace my mom body. I have finally figured out the clothes I should wear that are most flattering for my new shape.

If you are struggling with feeling cute or sexy after baby, this is for you.


I know you love a good pump and so do I. However, these days, I am all about comfort. I look for shoes that give me the right amount of height, but the comfort I need that doesn’t place too much strain on my sometimes aching back from breastfeeding.

  • Flats - Don't feel like your sexiness is limited if you wear flats. It's all about holding your head high and comfort. Besides, you can't look your sexiest if you are struggling with every step. Slide on that flat shoe, just make sure it's cute!

  • Wedge - Mom Favorite! A wedge gives you the height you are looking for in a shoe but the support you need for your feet and back. There are so many styles and variations. Snag you a pair!

  • Pumps - I know, a pump girl is just who you are! Nothing wrong with that mama! To provide you with additional comfort, grab foot support from your local drugstore or shoe department. The extra padding is perfect for making you feel comfortable while looking cute!


This is where things can feel tricky for us right? Whether we have a muffin top, Fupa, extra junk in the trunk and in between the thighs, we can feel a bit insecure about how pants/shorts fit our bodies during the summer. Confidence is the first step and I know sometimes it takes a while to get there and you will! My grandma says, “When you look good, you feel good.”

  • Mom Jeans - Yes grab a pair. Its TIME! I know you are probably apprehensive but they are trending and they stitch your waistline into a nice hour glass.

  • High Waist Jeans, Shorts and Skirts - Grab you a pair that will rest right about the belly area because we know this is where the childbearing evidence lays its head. Not to mention though, they are very flattering on our mom bodies.


Things can get complicated with knowing which shirts work best for our bodies. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding you want to look cute and if you are breastfeeding it needs to be accessible.

  • Tanks - Although they may seem basic, the beauty is they are basic and can be dressed up. Pair it with a cute chunky necklace or pearls. They are perfect for breastfeeding and you can wear your nursing bra with no problem!

  • Off The Shoulder - These are chic and sexy. Shoulder action is always cute and its super practical for breastfeeding.

  • Loose fitting Tee - They can be worn to the baseball field or spruced up with jewelry for a night out.

  • Peplum - Shirts with the ruffle at the bottom known as the peplum are great for covering your midsection and accentuating your waistline.

  • Jean Jacket - Simple. Everyone needs this one.

One Piece

The once piece is a must have to keep in your wardrobe and are typically a great option when you are in a rush. Just remember rompers are a bit cumbersome for those weak bladders after childbirth. However, maxi/jersey dresses and overalls are great summertime options as well.

I hope these ideas give you just the head start you need to get to the mall and find what you need with ease. We all love shopping but it can feel overwhelming when clothes just aren't looking nice on your new body. Let me know how it goes!