Feeling Sexy And Comfortable In Your Mom Body

After months of carrying a baby and inheriting cankles, saggy breasts, tiger stripes and sometimes thinning hair, it's amazing how things for you seem to change in an instant. You no longer feel you have sex appeal let along, any interest in doing what it takes to create babies! Six months out from having your baby, you may still feel the evidence of childbirth and see its remnants left behind in the face of, excess weight around your midsection and thighs. Can you tell, I have felt this way before (Back to back pregnancies can shake you up). NOT ANYMORE though! I decided it's time I embrace my mom body. I have finally figured out the clothes I should wear that are most flattering for my new shape.

If you are struggling with feeling cute or sexy after baby, this is for you.


I know you love a good pump and so do I. However, these days, I am all about comfort. I look for shoes that give me the right amount of height, but the comfort I need that doesn’t place too much strain on my sometimes aching back from breastfeeding.

  • Flats - Don't feel like your sexiness is limited if you wear flats. It's all about holding your head high and comfort. Besides, you can't look your sexiest if you are struggling with every step. Slide on that flat shoe, just make sure it's cute!