Packing A First Aid Kit

I have been talking a lot about preparing for summertime activities with the kiddos. With an infant, tween and two teens it's important to have a First Aid kit that travels with us everywhere we go, which is most often the diaper bag. I purchased a super roomy and super cute Oh Joy! Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit . For only $5.99 at Target this kit was perfect for what I needed. "The Kit" is empty which allows you to build your own kit with all of the items that are tailored to your family’s needs. Having a kid with special needs, it's really important that I keep certain items with me at all times. There are always sudden and unplanned situations that occur which cause for specific items that just can't be purchased at your local drugstore.

This is the kit. As you can see it's easy on the eyes and it's actually a lot roomier than it may appear.

Now, let’s go through all of the stuff that I have crammed in this thing!

Pain relievers - Pain happens for myself and or the kids. Chances are if we are on the go we need to solve that problem ASAPtually!

Gauze - When you have a child with special needs, depending on the condition of the child, gauze can come in handy for pressure sores, leaking wounds and cleaning.

Bandages - Scrapes, falls and accidents happen! Bandages for kids always make things better! Especially, when the bandages are really cute like the Oh Joy! ones that we have!

Alcohol Wipes - Sanitizing syringes if needed or any other sanitizing needs, makes alcohol wipes very useful.

Sanitizer Wipes - Keeping hands clean before and after changing diapers or replacing any medical needs for your child with special needs is very important so, having sanitizing wipes handy is a must.

Infant Diaper - Accidents happen, right?

Adult Diaper - General Sanitary needs for a kid with special needs.

Wipes - We all know wipes are good for EVERYTHING! Cleaning bottoms, spills, leaks, stains and the list can really go on!

Pepto Bismol - Those random belly aches that we all get.

Oilogic Care Essential Oils - Essential oils are the natural healers that I like to use for my children. I keep ointment for Boo - Boo’s, calming oils and oils for bug bites and itches.

G-Tube Mickey Button - This is major! If your child’s primary source of eating is through a G-Tube, you want to make sure you have an extra one ready to go in case something happens with the one that is currently in place. Believe me, we all know accidents happen and you want to be prepared!

Stent - This is also, for the G- Tube site. Sometimes you may encounter a situation where you cannot re-insert the button into the site. If this happens, you can insert the stent to keep the site preserved until you can re-insert the button into the site.

Syringe - This is important in the case you mistakenly leave your child’s feeding pump or it is not charged. Believe me, it has happened to me many times. In the event this happens, having a syringe allows you to manually give your child their liquid nutrition when needed (aka “a feeding”).

Cookies - Sometimes belly aches cause for a small snack.

Sanitary Napkin - I have a teen and tween daughter need I say more.

Travel size manicure kit - I don't know about you but I hate a hangnail or a chipped nail! This little set comes in handy more times than none!

Emergen C Dietary Supplement - This is great for those moments you feel like you need an immune booster because a cold may be lurking.

Duo Derm - This is a hydrocolloid gel dressing that is great for certain wounds and bruises that may occur. Typically, this is used for my sons pressure sores.

If you are a mother with a child with special needs and you have other children, I hope you found this list to be very helpful and it allows you to make a shortlist of items that you need to have with you at all times. While this list is sometimes modified depending on the occasion and season, what you see above are the basic essentials!

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