Get In The Picture

As mothers in the midst of childbearing years, we hold this thing called "image insecurity." We suddenly become so engulfed in other peoples perceptions of us; how we mother, how clean we keep our homes, the size of our house, our family's image, our income status, our children's scholastic endeavors and the list goes on. However, there is one that really trips us up every time, and that is our body image. We have a tendency to be so insecure about our postpartum

bodies, our mom hair (messy) and our mom face (baggy eyes, you know I am at my wits end about this one), that we neglect the idea of being photographed. So often we say "oh, don't take a picture of me," or "No, its fine, I will just take the picture of you guys." We fall into this slump where we don't feel worthy enough to be caught in pictures because we don't feel like we are camera ready. I have come to the conclusion that we are selfish sometimes. In some moments, us mothers can make a situation about us instead of remembering to look at the bigger picture. There are two reasons we need to GET IN THE PICTURE!


Our children love us! I mean, they love us the way we are in the early morning and even the way we are when we scold at them. They want us in the pictures and they deserve it! These young years fly by and we will get to a season where we will look back on these years and smile and our kids will too. Not to mention, these photos with us are for them. These are their memories with us as young children. These are photos that they will cherish and remind them of moments in their childhood.


Although in the moment we don't feel we look photo ready, we must remember to love ourselves the way we are first. I know its easier said than done (TRUST ME), but we need to do it to remind ourselves that we are beautiful, we are enough and there is nothing but love and light surrounding us...I mean look at those cute kids...moments with them deserve to be documented.


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