Gift Guide 2019: Children

Gift buying for children is all about popularity, so it seems. Kiddos want toys that mimic the popular characters they have seen on television, YouTube or in books all year. This actually makes things easier for parents. I believe we should have a good balance of what we buy so that we aren't buying CRAP that they will have no interest in by Christmas dinner. This year, shop differently and buy the things that you KNOW the kids are interested in and not the toys WE want badly (You know how it is, we are more excited than they are.), it will save you time and money.

Baby Shark - This has been the year of the shark! From the Youtube videos, books and Halloween costumes. This year for Christmas snag ANYTHING Baby Shark and I am sure you will win the kid over.

Frozen - Elsa is back so there is no need to let go the idea of buying more Elsa toys and clothes. Any Elsa Dolls are the way to go.<