Halloween Celebration Alternatives During COVID

Although the school year has barely begun, many parents are thinking about the holiday season and how it will be impacted due to the pandemic. Most recently, parents have been concerned about Halloween, and how they will celebrate the day with their children. While it's far off in the distance in my mind, I am sure the Halloween stores will begin to pop up (which I have seen the candies already on the shelves).

So, how can or shall we celebrate the day with our children, and maintain our safety? This is the question that is boggling the mind parents. According to CNN Business, Mars Wrigley declined to comment on the timing of its Halloween candy releases. However, the article also mentioned, "...consumer insights indicate that families will be looking to organize Halloween celebrations for their children while also trying to keep them safe, said Iryna Shandarivska, senior category director for US Confections at Mondelez International. "This may mean that Halloween gatherings and celebrations that would have otherwise taken place in person shift virtually and that in-person activities happen in more 'social bubbles,' which people have created for themselves in a Covid-19 world over recent months."

Basically, it sounds like parents will be getting creative, and I am one of them, here are some ideas!

  • Candy Train - Connect with friends and family and agree to mail candy packages. Children love to receive mail, so this will be a sweet surprise!

  • Scavenger Hunt - This is an oldie but a goodie! Hide the candy indoors or outdoors (even both) and allow the fun to ensue!

  • Get Neighborly - Connect with a few neighbors and hide candies in your yards. Make sure the candies are packaged and children are wearing their masks!

  • Movie Night - Cook up Halloween themed foods, grab assorted candies and watch a movie.

  • Family Game Night - Break out the board games (or order Halloween themed games), candy and enjoy family time.

  • Halloween Pod - Many parents have been engaging in learning pods for their children. Connect with that same group of kids and have a small party for the children. Of course this is based on comfort and the approved CDC and WHO guidelines at that time.

  • Craft Time & Cooking - Search fun crafts online and recipies and create a day of crafts and cooking. This is something the entire family can join in on.

I will not say Halloween is cancelled, but it will look a little differently than children and use to, and that’s okay! We can still decorate, dress up and create a fun time for the children. Please remember the importance of social distancing, wearing a mask and washing your hands. Additionally, it will be important to plan some activities based on the rules and phase your city/state is currently operating on. This is a great opportunity to talk to your child about “Change” and why change can be good and innovative. Be positive, we are in this together!