Hitting The COVID Wall, Suggestions On Coping

It’s been a long ten months right? For some households, children are returning to in class instruction and for some of us, we are remaining remote out of pure comfort, health concerns, personal reason, etc. However, I feel one sentiment that we collectively feel is a level of exhaustion.

Between navigating our personal lives, COVID and the government shananigans, I think everyone is feeling completely depleated from everthing that has been thrown at us over the past year.

So, I ask how are you doing? How are you feeling? Take a moment and ask yourself, write it down even. No, seriously, take a moment…

Now that you have had a moment to yourself to be real with yourself, How do those feelings make you feel?

No, I am no therapist but these are questions I have asked myself lately because by nature, I am a doer and sometimes when you are that way, processing your thoughts is something we sometimes feel we don’t have time for.

Lately, I have gathered from many mama’s and women in general that, they have officially hit the COVID Wall. Its a point where you feel completely exhausted from all things COVID related and all things that COVID has nealy hijacked. For some of us, we have even decided to accept this is the “new normal” and have resumed things we had halted such as traveling, hanging out with friends and making the decision to not only send our children to school but to also allow them to participate in sports.

We are all in a place of feeling like “What is safe?” And what does that even mean anymore considering the circumstances.

Well, I stand with you and I also want to encourage you! (Wipes Salty Tears)

I know it’s not easy and you feel like you are sometimes suffocating at home. But I truly believe joy cometh in the morning. Here are a couple tips for you to brighten up those days where you feel completely depleted.

1. D.E.A.R. - Drop Everything And Read (we did this in First and Second grade). Mama’s to be honest, we are often times operating from a cup that is empty or the coffee is cold. We have nothing left and and we need to recharge. Give the children their tablet or pop on a movie and pick up something and read. There is nothing special that I recommend, besides reading something that will bring you joy. I would advise not to read something that will make you feel unsuccessful or less than. Read something that empowers you.

2. JUST STOP - Sometimes we need to shelter in place from our own situations. Take a moment to yourself and halt all the things you are doing. Take an hour and shift your energy. Our exhausted spirit can really rip us apart! It will remind us of all the the things we arent doing, haven’t done, can’t do and the list of self loathing goes on and on. Take a moment to and shelter in place from lifes challenges and shift your energy.

3. GIRL, EAT SOMETHING - As moms and busy women we forget to nourish our bodies. We will go hours without a snack or meal and wonder why we feel like we are on the verge of a breakdown. Chances are, we need to be nourished. Nourishment can be from the food you eat or spiritual food. When I am feeling really down in the dumps, I turn on a sermon from Sarah Jakes Roberts. Her words are always make sense to me and I leave those sermons feeling as if I have had a well balanced me. I feel FULL. I will also order a meal too...