Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Husbands and Dads

Gift buying for the hardworking guy who keeps us laughing (hopefully) and is our first in command whenever we feel unsafe is a fun time but gifts for men can be tricky to me. Sometimes they seem so simple BUT then again, their simplicity can make it hard for you to shop because you don’t want to buy just anything. Well, I’ve got your back! Here are some gift ideas!

Spa Him - Although he may not appear to be the guy that loves a good massage, everyone needs them. Set him up on a spa date. Send an Uber XL driver to pick him up and allow him to relax free of business calls, kids crying or us asking to fix something.

Time Keeper - Most men have a lot of watches, laying around. Help him get organized and buy him a nice case to keep those watches in. As a bonus buy one new watch to add to the collection.

Fashion - Nothing wrong with adding a new thread into his wardrobe. Robert Graham’s sports shirts are BOMB. Add one to his closet.

Handy Man - IF you have the kind of guy that LOVES tools, grab him a new set of Craftsman tools. Tools can be pricey so men love to receive them.

Monogram Man - Let’s bring back the era of being debonair. Find him a pair of personalized cuff links and monogram socks. I promise he will will love it.

Being Dad - Sometimes dads feel as if they are a second class, citizens. They feel they are in a weird space with the children compared to their wives. Most often because they may work a little more or because moms have ESP when it comes to the kids. Gift him with some things to remind him of his importance. A Book about being a Dad, personalized picture frame with the children’s picture and a gift certificate for dinner with the children.

Master Mind- The Dad who is always working on personal development. Gift him with MasterClass for All-Access Pass. He will love this! Add Personalized Journal Notebook and pen for notes.

CBD - Yes, men are stressed too! They are trying to please you, the kids, the organization he’s working for and himself. Check out the Seventh Sense line of items for Men. Pair it with a Robe.

Grooming Him - These are added to my list yearly because I really love them! Men can always use a new grooming set and beard bib. This year add on a full grooming spa service at a local salon as well.