Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Teens and Tweens

This Year, I am approaching the holiday gift guide list with all of the things that were popular when I was a tween/teen because those 90’s/ fashions and early 2000’s fashions are in and so are all of the other randomnesses. There are no pictures and links because honestly, you guys know where to find all of these items...Amazon.

Mini Refrigerator (Makeup Fridge or Skin Care Cooler) - This is the perfect gift for the teens and tweens. This mini fridge keeps skincare products at the perfect temperatures and its perfect for the jade roller. Boys will use it for cans of soda in their room.

Head Phones (Air Pods or Beats) - Electronics never get old. Apple has released AirPods Pro and of course, teens and tweens love the latest trends in electronics.

Name Plate (Old English Letter Name Necklace) - Okay, I am an old school and this was totally popular.

Clueless Skirt ( Plaid Mini ) - All I can hear is “Rollin with the homies.” Yes, this is back and teens love it. IF this is your daughter’s style. This retro look is popular.

Mini Bookbag Purse (Mini Backpack) - Honestly, for some of the kids, this is all they need. These mini backpacks are large enough for their phone, hair scrunchies, and feminine care items.

Ballon Couch/chair (inflatable Lounger) - I had this set in my room, no lie, in high school. Teens love the comfort and the ability to lounge around and do homework (or scroll on social media). These can also be used outdoors.

Valour Jogging Suit (Crushed Velour) - Bring on the Juicy Couture days. Its no surprise Paris Hilton has resurfaced, right? Basically, what I am saying is the matching warmups are trending now.

Karaoke Machine (Singing Machine Karaoke System) OR Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone - We loved this when I was coming up. We would use our camcorder and always perform a song or skit. These machines create the best family memories. It's worth it!

Polaroid Camera (Fujifilm Instax) - Yes, this made the list another year. Please grab one with plenty of batteries & accessories.

Old Navy Fleece (Polar Fleece) - I say Old Navy because they were the ones that spearheaded "the fleece" (I think). They are back and the popular brand Patagonia is a fave brand for teens (and adults) that are carrying them.

Skully (Bluetooth Beanie) - Now, these are a new take on hats. This was popular last year and this year.

Adidas Sandals (Slides) - Yes, I know. Teens and adults are really feeling these. We called them Adidas sandals because they were one of the few brands along with Nike with this sandal style. The Nike website has plenty of styles.

Air Force 1’s (Nike Air Force 1) - These have maintained their look and name. Small fact: I attended the Nelly and St. Lunatics concert with friends in high school and one of their popular songs, popularized the shoe. To give this context, I was pregnant with my 16-year-old at the time. Needless to say, the shoes are back.

Jeans with a belt (Paper Bag Jeans) - Back in my day, these jeans had no real name (that I can recall) besides describing them by how they looked. Welp, they are back. My daughter asked for a pair this past weekend.

Checkered Pants (Plaid or Kick Flare Trousers) - Again, we described these as they were.

Overalls (Overall/Coverall) - These can be denim and or any fabric.

A Game (Video Game) - This has not gone out of style. Teens that are crazy about their video games still love to be gifted with the latest game for Christmas OR Credits.

Game Console - This is the same. If your child does not have a game console or the latest one you will not disappoint with one.

Experiences - Teens nowadays love going places just as much as adults. Gift them with concert tickets, theater, game room places to hang out with friends (multiple-day passes), Football Games, etc.

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