Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Wives & Moms

Buying gifts for wives can seem so difficult but I promise we are simple. Pretty often I am very explicit about the things I want or like. For some reasons husbands and children struggle with this idea. This list should make things easier. Share this list with your spouse and children. This should provide you with great ideas and give you a jump start on your holiday shopping.

CBD Mama - I know you are probably surprised. Moms have been stressed and exhausted. We seem to do a lot of self-medicating with wine. How about going the natural route. Check out the company Seventh Sense and check out their assortment of body lotions, scrubs, oils, etc. This is a gift of relaxation. Pair it with a bathrobe, slippers and coffee mug.

Mom Staycation - Purchase a gift card that covers a weekend stay at a hotel. Moms need to get away and sometimes out of town is not needed. A simple weekend of peace paired with pizza, wine, chick flicks, and shopping...ALONE sounds like Nirvana to any mom.

Hands-Free Starter Kit -With busy hands and jam-packed google calendars, moms are busy. Gift your wife with an Apple Watch. It frees up her hands! This will pair great with the Apple Air Pods. Moms and those busy hands and carpools need to be hands-free. A charging station would be perfect to conclude this gift.

Calm Her Tired Feet - Purchase a gift card for a couple of pedicures (This is also a moment for her to be alone). Add in a nice pair of slippers, foot massager (for home) and a pair of comfortable shoes.

Mom Starter Pack - Gift her with a Travel Coffee Tumbler, High Waist leggings, Mom graphic Tee(s) Cozy socks, mom water bottle, a bag of coffee and a bottle of wine. This is great for new moms or a gift from a mom to a mom.

Winterize Her - Purchase her the coat she has been wanting and pair it with stylish gloves and a hat.

The Tech Mom - Gift her with the best friend she didn't know she needed, Echo Show.

Include a set of ink pens and stylish stationery set for her to jot down her to-do list.