Home Sanitization Station For Your Family

As we all settle into this new normal of being sheltered in place, I finally created a sanitation station. I desired to have a dedicated space where we could sanitize ourselves, as best as possible after coming inside our home from being in public.

I desired a space where we could easily remove masks, shoes etc. I was inspired by a post I saw from Tyrese and Dr. Jen Ashton. The goal is not to have something fancy, its to have something in place that is practical.

Here Is A List Of The Items:

  • Coral UV - This device uses UV lights to sanitize toys and other household items. These items range from your children's toys, your car keys, cellular devices and more. During these days of COVID -19, I use the device to sanitize our N95 masks, cloth masks, car keys and cellular devices. We also use it for other random items we feel need to be sanitized. It's important to note, this does not CLEAN your items, but it does SANITIZE. There is also a functionality to dry the items and sanitize.

(MORE ABOUT THE DEVICE) Industry Leading Safety + Accreditation: Coral UV deeply values the trust that its customers place in its product. That’s why the Coral UV 3-in-1 sanitizer has been put through the most vigorous testing available, including registration with FDA and EPA as well as certified, 3rd party independent microbial (t.ly/1x9e5) and viral lab testing (t.ly/lZykL). In under 10 minutes, Coral UV safely and effectively kills 99% of household germs including e-coli, staph, salmonella & the H1N1 flu virus.

  • Masks - I have a basket stocked with our reusable masks and face shields. 

  • No Touch Thermometer- I bought the Walgreens brand and keep it in place so that we can have it handy, just in case.

  • Slippers - There is a basket full of slippers for us to wear around the house because shoes are no longer welcomed inside the home at all. 

  • Disinfectant/Sanitizing Solutions - Hand sanitizer, Clorox disinfectant wipes and Lysol spray are the items that are readily available.

  • Trash - The trash is for us to easily dispose of used wipes and gloves. I decided to reuse an empty disinfectant wipes canister because it has a lid and can be tossed completely when filled. 

BONUS: Before entering the house, I have two bins in the garage, one is for clothing and the other is for shoes. This is so that we can remove potentially contaminated layers of clothing before entering the house.  

Since creating this space, it has allowed us to have a system in place that works well for us and its an added sense of comfort. 

We know there are so many variables to consider when it comes to COVID - 19, but our goal is to do what we can. I recommend creating a station in your home, it makes the transition from outside to inside a lot smoother.