How I Feel About My Daughters Father Getting Married

For some people, the thought of their immediate ex or the father/mother of their child(ren) getting married makes them ill. As for me, I am pretty excited. I am excited because I do believe that marriage can bring out the very best in people and everyone deserves it. More importantly though, I know he has always wanted to be married and the time is right. He is marrying a beautiful woman and I think it's very important that I am supportive in this union and their marriage. Not because they are looking for validation and acceptance from me but more so, its healthy for the co-parenting relationship.

When you have children with someone who you are no longer with, their happiness is important. It has an indirect effect on you through the eyes and emotions of your child(ren). It's imperative that we want to see our ex get married or reach a level in life where they are happy. When we hold on to animosity and old feelings, things can ricochet and we look bitter. Being the bitter ex or babymama is not the move sis/bro!

My child's father getting married signals maturation and leveling up and I am here for it! When I made the decision to end the relationship, I always had hopes he would find someone that would be a better fit for him and someone he could grow old with. These relationships are very important mamas! You have to let go of those old feelings and release your anxieties. Your ex’s life is no longer about you and the things you want, it is about them and the trajectory that they have set for their lives.

This is not them but I love this picture!