How To Deal With Boys and Their Attitudes

This is a guest post written by Kita Bryant. Kita is a blogger in Atlanta and known for her SHAT talking! Basically, Kita tells it like it is and holds nothing back! She has two beautiful children (Boy & Girl) and ... I will tell you more after you read this!

All teenagers have attitude. I think girls have it more than boys due to their body changes and the period and all the other stuff that comes with the pressure of being a girl. Boys though are different and handling their attitude requires a different mindset. Boys and girls are different even as an adult so in order to deal with them, I strongly believe you have to put yourself in their shoes and listen to them. Also, boys need to be around men. My son's father passed away and I make it a point to make sure his uncles come and get him because I’m not a man so I don’t have all of the answers. My son isn’t a rude boy he is very mild mannered and only gets an attitude when he can’t get on his electronics or he is hungry. Any other time he is a very chill dude. Here are some tips that I have as a mom of a boy that can help you as you raise your son to be the best man he can be.

Pick your battles

I don’t argue with my son about every little thing just the things that mean the most. If he leaves his clothes in the middle of the floor I just pick it up and put it in his bed or take his phone until it’s done. arguing just action. He knows why I took his phone and he will immediately do what needs to be done or ask what he needs to do to get it back. I will argue with him