I'm Irritated By Him: Tips On Dealing With Being Irritated By Your Spouse

It's a natural feeling. You will get irritated. You will get annoyed. The question is how do you deal with it when it happens. Do you roll your eyes, speak your mind or become repulsed by the behaviors? Maybe you indulge in one or all three? Whatever the case, there is one outcome that I think has been universally the trend in many relationships when you do exhibit those behaviors, across genders, IT CHANGES NOTHING! Not one DAYUM THING! So, how do we coexist with one another during these situations? I was reading Parents Magazine and Psychologist Daphne de Marneffe shared four ways to combat those feelings. She suggested, pick your battles, remember that certain situations are inherently stressful, consider any underlying psychological issues and practice not letting it get to you. I must say, she couldn’t be anymore accurate. Cohabitating with another adult comes with a lot. I am no psychologist or any clinical professional, however, I have some girlfriend/mom friend advice.