Indoor Date Night Ideas

Although we are indoors, having uninterrupted time with our significant others appear to be increasingly challenging. We are trying to be present for our children emotionally and academically, and we are trying to keep our bellies fed! WE NEED A DATE NIGHT MAMA’S!!

If you are anything like me, you love to dine out and enjoy date night outside of the home, however, due to the current situation, we must keep it indoors. So, I have come up with some ideas!

Caravan of Love - Pull the seats down, lay down a blanket and enjoy dinner. If your minivan has televisions, the evening can double as a movie date as well. If not, enjoy music and conversation.

*DISCLAIMER, this is only suitable for those that have babysitters for the children inside the home.

Game Night - Pull out a couple board games and pair it with your favorite cocktails!

Netflix & Chill - When in doubt, put the children to bed and binge watch a series on Netflix, simply make sure you have plenty of time and snacks.

YouTube & Snuggle - Set up the laptop or tablet in the bed and enjoy YouTube Videos. This can even include Ted Talks or tutorials. Just make sure it's something that you both are interested in.

Dessert Anyone? - Put the little ones to bed and cook up the dessert. This is a productive way to simply hangout and talk.

Podcast - Listen or watch a podcast together. Catching up on pop culture or self-help topics are topics that generate conversation.

Questions - Ask a series of questions over cocktails! Download questions here.

Paint & Sip - You can do this simultaneously or you can leave the artistry to the artistic partner. I am sure this will bring about a lot of laughter!

Would You Rather? - I know this will take some of us back to the college days. There is not much more to say here.