International Women's Day

I don't know about you but it feels powerful to be a women every since Trump was elected into office. Yes, I know that probably makes no sense.However, I feel women understood the sense of urgency to act, was necessary to save our position in our country and the world. It's been so fascinating to see so many women use their voice to make a difference; albeit in their personal lives or on grand stages.

International Day of Women is all about feeling empowered and reflecting on the great strides we have made and are making in the world around us and the world within us. The theme for this year is #BalanceForBetter and I can dig it! As mama's, we sometimes feel burdened by the weight that we carry to keep our family unit skipping and hopping along. We sometimes long for balance in an effort to alleviate the pressures that we feel. We are not only feeling like this in the home but external factors such are our employers, family and community, are places we feel the scale not feeling balanced.

International Day of Women is a day we should look at to recognize the good and power within all of us. There are so many complexities with being a woman; heck especially a teenage girl. Today we grab our daughters, sisters, aunts, friends, mothers etc., and bask in our successes and re-route the pain from our losses. We have come so far and to relinquish our richness is non-negotiable. Here are some ways you can celebrate this special day.

1. Post something on social media today that is indicative of positivity regarding women. Basically, use this as an opportunity to lift up someone today. Remember, " You will rise by lifting others (Robert Ingersoll)."

2. Pamper Yourself because I am sure you earned it. If you are a mother, I am sure a little of R&R is something you can use. Think about the women who have inspired you during your journey as a woman and mother as your get that facial.

3. Be Bold because so often as women we tone down parts of ourselves to blend in with "the norm." Those days are played out ladies. We habitually dim our light to make others comfortable and we can no longer allow this to have a place in our space.

4. Attend an event. There are a ton of events going on RIGHT NOW! Take an early lunch from work or if you are a sahm ask the husband to come home early. There are events that take place all day long, surely you can make at least one.

5. Give another woman a compliment or acknowledge her with great praise for what she does. As women we love to feel appreciated and noticed. We especially feel loved when another woman congratulates us on something we have done well. Let your sister friends know you see them!

6. Grab your daughters and watch a chick - flick (an appropriate one of course). This is the perfect opportunity to make a connection with your daughter(s).

7. Its Friday, connect with a friend or two and chat about goals over cocktails.