Suggestions To Counter Stress

Being a woman in business for yourself is difficult, very difficult! When you add a cup of being a wife and a couple tablespoons of motherhood, you’ve created the Latte de’ Stress. As mothers, we are strangely expected to not be mothers in business. We are made to feel we need to compartmentalize that part of us because we dare not have it bleed over and people find out such BLASPHEMY. Mothers in business for themselves is at an all time high right now and I am so proud to be part of that number. However, that comes with a lot of expectations and explanations. If you are a mom in business and feel you are in the trenches of an overload of Latte de’ Stress, I have some encouragement for you!

1. Breathe - Girl, It's difficult but holding your breath waiting for something to change may land you in a coma. Don’t allow Latte de’ Stress to fill your cup. Take a moment a sip some tea.

2. Listen - Sometimes we are quick to speak. Scripture tells us to be slow to speak and quick to listen. As a woman, we all struggle in this department because innately we feel our position is always in question because we are a woman. Take in what you are hearing so that you can respond adequately. There is nothing worse than a foot in mouth moment.

3. Reflect - Remember who you are. Remember who you are called to be and why what you do and what you bring to the table is important. We can sometimes devalue our abilities and talents because we feel they are not good enough. That's the lie that you are being tricked to believe. It's not true girl!

4. Respond - You know who you are. You understand your position. Respond in a way that is not full of hate, more so, a reflection of who you are. Don’t allow your anger to take the credit. Respond in a way that exemplifies who you are what you represent. This does not constitute being a pushover rather, being cognizant what you represent and the brilliance you exude

5. Relax - Latte de’ Stress is not going to solve the problem, it will only add to it. Take a moment to do something that fills your cup. Your cup of grace doesn’t need to runneth over with stress and negativity!

Ladies, I know it is difficult. I know sometimes you feel undervalued and lust over being appreciated. Remember who you are and don't silence yourself. Let your desires be known and don't compromise your integrity or your heart. You got this girl!

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