Keeping Your Child Academically Engaged During School Closures

Amidst school closures and companies opting for employees to work from home indefinitely due to COVID - 19, communities and parents have been in an outrage over the idea of “What to do with” their children during this time. While, all this is completely a lot to digest, there are some avenues to explore with our children to encourage them to maintain their scholastic mindset without compromising academics.

1. eLearning - There are online FREE programs like the Khan Academy . They offer online courses, lessons and practice. You can learn how you can lean on this tool, to keep your children academically engaged during this time. EVERFI K -12 is also a resource.

2. Reading Lessons - This is your chance to have them fully immersed in at home learning and incorporating some old school approaches. Remember Book Reports? Have your children read and report on what they read. You can add a twist and this can be done online as a PowerPoint presentation. This is sure to keep your children engaged.

3. Television Reporting - For your older children, they should have a full curriculum of school work to be done virtually. However, it's not uncommon for children to need a quick break from the computer screen. Allow your older children an opportunity to be involved in history and create a presentation on what they have learned about what is going on in the news. NOTE: For some children this can bring on anxiety and depression. You know your child so use your best judgment. This is appropriate for older teens.

4. Online Study Sessions - Encourage your child to take the lead on creating an online study session with their peers. This is an admirable opportunity for children to lean on one another for academic and emotional support during this time.

5. Peer Tutoring Services - eLearning for some children may be formidable. This is a perfect opportunity to promote entrepreneurship and encourage your child to launch an online tutoring service. Learning through the screen can be challenging, peer to peer modeling and support can be helpful.

There are so many directions you can use these ideas to springhead opportunities for your child to stay academically engaged. I hope this helps! As always, stay safe, wash your hands and avoid direct contact using your hands.