Letting Go Can Be Food For Your Soul

It’s so easy to tell someone to let go of something however, when its time for us to take our own advice we sometimes struggle.

Leave that job

Leave that man

Leave that woman

Leave that marriage

Leave that situation

...The list is plentiful.

Lately, I had to take my own advice and although it was very difficult to execute, it had to be done. Recently, I had began a doctoral program which I was very excited about yet, I had to make the decision to sit the semester out because I felt it would be the best decision for me mentally, emotionally and physically. I also, was a member of a foundation board with my children’s school, I had to step down from that position as well. As expected, feelings of guilt ran deep because it’s mid academic year and I really felt guilty about leaving the members hanging and leaving that part of me hanging.

Peeling off the layers of our lives can make us feel really vulnerable. It can make us question our aptitude and abilities and we can begin to believe a host of things about ourselves that aren’t true. But here is why relinquishing or letting go of things can be food for your soul.

1. Self Discovery - You can begin to discover things about yourself that you previously didn’t have the time to explore, because you were caught up in the busy-ness of what you were doing. This is an opportunity to become more granular about the pieces of yourself you may have neglected.

2. Have Peace - When we have a lot going on in our lives, our extra curricular activities can become very consuming. We are so accustomed to being engaged with a busy schedule, that PEACE is something we don’t understand how to appreciate or accept. The peace you feel can manuever you into a season of clarity...and that’s something EVERYONE needs at some point.

3. Being Present - How often do you feel you are just going through the motions? Probably a great deal. When we relinquish responsibilities, we have the opportunity to do things and be fully present. Your mental space has been cleared and you have the chance to enjoy things that are going on.

To keep it REAL, it's a process.

You will grieve the things you have relinquished. I am in a space where I have relinquished a lot of things and honestly, I don’t like it and I indeed feel uncomfortable.

The discomfort I feel is because I have stepped into a season where there are things I depend on other people to do for me or help me with because I can’t manage them alone. Also, there are things I had to let go of in order to keep myself well.

The discomfort is real!

The silverlining is, I understand this is normal. I want you to remember the same thing as well. It is okay to grieve the things and ways things once were, it’s okay to miss those layers. Just remember, you are igniting the opportunity for you to either be well, get well or in some instances reclaim your time. You've got this!