Little Learners Keeping Busy During COVID - 19 School Closures

Due to the National State of Emergency, many schools and businesses are now working from home and leveraging their eLearning capabilities. While many schools districts have laid out a schedule for students to follow, there are many parents with little ones who require ways to keep them academically stimulated organically, instead of racking up countless hours in front of the screen. Limiting screen time will indeed be difficult but it is necessary. I have come up with fun ways to keep your child engaged during this three week stretch of time.

  1. Get Crafty - I know the thought may drive you insane but pull out the crafts and get creative. This is actually an excellent opportunity for your child to unleash their creativity. Considering we will not be leaving homes much, leverage empty boxes and bottles as craft supplies.

  2. Water Play - For many states, we have barely hit the 50 degree mark, so we are wanting the sun and warm weather. Allow your children to throw on their bathing suits and play with the water table or have an extended bath-time session filled with toys, bubbles and music. PRO TIP - Bring yourself a glass of wine and your laptop or book and experience a fleeting time without a child tugging on your leg.

  3. Reading A Thon - I know nothing about this sounds fun to children but we can make it fun. Although we are working to limit screen time, you can introduce audio books or Visual books, utilizing companies like VOOKS for children to enjoy.

  4. Clean Up - Yes, if your house is like mines, there is always something to clean or organize or rearrange. Children get cabin fever just like adults, consider the art of cleaning as an opportunity to decrease boredom. Little kiddos love to believe they are helping out, allow them to rearrange their toys, or purge.

  5. Scavenger Hunt - I can imagine you are seeking to not have much to be involved with, with keeping the children entertained, however, it comes with the territory. Create a fun scavenger hunt for the children to work on. I bet the bigger children would love to get in on the fun as well

  6. Get Cooking - Children love to help out in the kitchen. Accompany your little one in the kitchen for a quick (no stove required) recipe.

This is a shortlist because I am sure you may be bombarded with ideas and information! For more activities, please check out President Day Activities To Do At Home or Snow Day Activities Or Indoor Rainy Day Fun

***Please keep in mind SOME activities from the older posts that are not pertinent to the precautions that should be taken during this time.

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