Mama's We Have To Hold One Another Accountable for Our Health & Wellness

On my mind heavily has been the health and wellness of moms. I am not sure if it is because I am going through health challenges myself, or if its because I see women (young) facing many complications with their health and wellness overall.

The Physical

There seems to be a growing number of mamas my age that are on the cusp of diseases that typically don’t spike until just before geriatric ages. Are we doing too much or not enough?

On this personal journey myself, I have really uncovered that movement in the form of exercise really does have positive results in your overall mood and how you feel. I am hopeful that I can keep a consistent level of activity daily because I can already see how this plays a part in my productivity and mood in and out of the home.

I am going to pair this conversation with one of the biggest culprits FOOD. Its our beloved arch nemesis. It brings us together, it unifies us, it sets us apart and actually it's ripping us apart too. Honestly, it is like a pesky ex that keeps wheeling you back but you KNOW they are bad for your health. Get it?

I am no fitness or health food guru but mamas, we need to slowly begin to implement better foods into our diet and establish a better relationship with food (If you live in Chicago, the task seems even more like an upward hill battle). We can do this. Slowly try to prevent processed foods and the drive thru. I am in the trenches with you!

The Mental

Our mental health has a weird way of letting us know it has HAD IT with our BURNT OUT behavior. When I was younger I thought it would manifest in the form of a headache however, it can manifest in physical changes. Fatigue, rashes, unbalanced hormones, poor immune system, and the list can go on I’m sure.

We are overworking ourselves instead of working smarter. We have adopted a lifestyle that is telling us we don’t need rest, we need to work until we have absolutely nothing left to give. THAT'S A LIE and the enemy wants us to believe it as truth. Jesus told us we need rest, and gave us the permissions. So we are all good!

Let's work on doing a better job at creating space for our minds to wander and process our feelings. I have learned, when I didn’t allow this to happen, I was full of anxiety and my body was stressed. I had major breakouts and physically, my body was behaving very oddly.

Basically, we have to be accountable for ourselves and one another. I am with you! Being a mom is such a taxing job on our physical and mental health aside from the poor decisions we all make.

Take care of your tribe and your village because someone has to help us with these children!

Good Vibes Only in 2020 Mamas!

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