Solidifying What Makes You Happy

I was sitting on my bed. One kid sound asleep and another one in time out (she loves it there!). I decided to check out Jada Pinkett Smith's series on facebook called Red Table Talks (You can find out more about it here.) and she said the words "WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?" It was so striking to me because as a mother, this is a hot topic in the mom community. This topic is so unequivocally piercing because as mothers we become so engulfed in your children's lives that we start steering away from those things that are fulfilling to us. It's not until you realize you have lost yourself in process that you are scrambling to find yourself again. Ask yourself, what makes you happy and find ways to incorporate that into your life. Typically the things that should make you happy are activities however, happiness can be a state of being. For some people what makes them happy are not tangible things and that's great as well. Let's get it together!

Girl, sitting on the bed smiling.
Getting to happy!