Mary Don't You Weep

There was a woman named Mary. She was a mom who her children held to high regard. She had three children and of the three, one she would develop a strained relationship with. This would continue on to be an obsolete connection between the two of them, that would last throughout adolescence, and begin to become truly problematic during the teen years. These behaviors inevitably led to family counseling. Can you imagine being in the house with your child that dismisses you, and you don’t hear their voice for days at a time?

Luckily, exploring family counseling was a stepping stone in the right direction. Counseling is often times looked at as the dirty part of our stiletto heel that we do not touch. We know its there and figure no one will see it so, the coast is clear. Rightfully so, right? Exposing those parts of our journey can feel isolating and inevitably feel like we have failed. The thought lingers and looms like a dark cloud.

As time sometimes does, healing began and Mary and her “Problematic Child” would soon understand where the communication barrier had flaws and why the relationship seemed to leave Mary in many moments of despair, while the child appeared unbothered.

Time lapsed.

Mary’s adult children would begin to reflect on how she was the epicenter of their childhood home growing up. She was the one that enforced the rules and the one that cheered them on during moments of self-doubt. Mary’s children recalled how their mom had “a way with people” (as they would affectionately call it). People LOVED her!

Mary was a SAHM. She was dedicated to her children and knew that all of the love she embedded in them would rule like an iron fist someday. She was a virtuous woman and her children attributed much of their success to her.

Mary would eventually break out of her SAHM role and be appointed as a board member to many organizations. Much of which were volunteer opportunities she took on because she believed in the organizations where she served. Imagine that! A SAHM, appointed to sit on boards, some, she would be the only woman in the room.

Bye, Bye Glass Ceiling.

Mary would pass away soon after her “Problematic Son,” Bill Gates got married.

Like Mary, many of us are in the midst of a sticky season in parenting. We feel as if we are embedded in quicksand with no way of being rescued. This is why I created the “Motherhood Marketplace,” (check it out)

Mother’s have more power than we like to take credit for. We have birthed presidents, musicians, politicians, writers, entertainers, athletes, CEO’s, business owners, inventors, creatives, and the list continues to grow.

As you start your day today, think about all of the Mary’s you know that may be in the thick of motherhood. Think of her and how great she is. Drop her a message, I am sure she needs it. Remind her of her greatness and give her some encouragement. She’s waiting for you.

You are not sinking alone. The next step is the one that may not go without flaw but it carries unshakeable faith! Remember, showing up mama, leads to greater things.

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