Mothers Are Losing Their Sh**

Yes, I said it. As a “mom blogger” I feel I have a duty to give things to you straight up, no chaser. Primarily because I have a genuine interest in the well - being of moms, and how we perceive ourselves while we are in the thick of one of the most important careers of our lifetime, Mom.

Moms are watching the lives of other moms on the web and it's becoming increasingly difficult. We feel locked into a paradox, feeling the need to quantify our motherhood journey and roles. Social media personalities have given moms a new standard of motherhood and the stakes are pretty high, its wreaking havoc on our psyche.

We get pigeonholed into the likes of other moms' lives being played and it has us questioning everything, from what we wear, to where we live, and even what we eat.

We are losing our sh**!

We are trying to exhibit just how badass we are by scholar students, our fun social lives, successful careers, homes, organized pantries, and our post-baby bodies.

When secretly, we are weeping at the IEP meetings that even our friends have no idea we are dealing with it. We are arguing with our spouses over excessive social outings and schedules. Our workplace woes seep into our households causing us to feel depleted from our unavailability. Our homes have become the pillar of our worth. We are full of anxiety when we take pictures in fear of the angles not being stellar. We have begun living for an arbitrary society, or is it?

The keep up culture has us EXHAUSTED.

SLOW DOWN MAMA (...and yes, I am a mama too) and remember who you are.

-You may not be the mom with the organized pantry, but your cupboards are always stocked. You may not have scholar students, but you have children who work so very hard daily.

-You may not have a “successful” career but you are doing well for yourself, bills are paid.

-You may not be in the homes of your dreams, but you have shelter.

-You may not have a #BodyGoals body, but that body can move around and has birthed life.

We are losing our shit because we are getting caught up in the rapture of fear in how other people perceive us. While it's perfectly fine and healthy to want more and better for yourself, we have to remember who we are and why our timeline may not be in the sequential order as the next mom.

Give yourself grace girl. I have unfolded clothes in baskets and dirty ones in the washer that need to be restarted too. You are not alone!

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