Gift Guide | Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner and many are very stumped on what to do or give to the special woman in their life. Mother's Day is definately a hit or miss with most. Let's face it, what can you possibly give to the person that gave you life, carried you and nourished you for nine months, all while having to go about her daily routine, as if she was not logging around what feels like the extra weight of the world under her bosom. As a daughter who is an only child, (might I add) I often struggle with what to give or do for my mom because there is no gift or restaurant that would quite match up to what she has done and currently does for me and my family. However, I learned through the years to allow my heart to guide me through this day of heart warming unconditional love.

You see guys, (as in men, because I hope you are reading this!) Mother's are people that are so sacrificial (this doesn't downplay the role of the man or dad...just wait until father's day for me to explain that). They are are unreasonably generous and carry a love in their heart that mirrors the love that Christ has for us (seriously, it's that strong). What we want is to be told and to be showed that we are appreciated. That what we do does not go unnoticed. That although, we sometimes are increasingly frustrated when things aren't going right, that it is understood and not a reflection of how our children or spouses feel about our needs or wants. In short, we want to FEEL appreciated. To better help husbands and children with their Mother's Day Ideas I have compiled a list for you (This is pretty lengthy but very helpful!).

1. SCHEDULE THE DAY - We all know that mom's really love a "day off." Most often mani - pedi or massages are the perfect way to be pampered and feel as if we have a day off. However, plan and schedule that time for the courageous mama in your life. Do not make her schedule the day. Do it and make it a full day. This means, after she returns from the pampering don't make her clock back into work. Let the day of pampering continue until her head hits the pillow for bedtime. Allow it to truly be a day OFF!

2. GET CREATIVE - I know some of you guys don't feel this is your strong suit and I understand. However, that's where pinterest and your heart join forces to create something magically beautiful. Now, don't allow yourself to get too stressed! What I am saying is, mother's love the mushy stuff (well I do!)! Take pictures of the kiddos and frame it beautifully, allow the kids that are younger to create some artistic work of art and frame it. We love that stuff. Take us on a scavenger hunt down memory lane of moments of thankfulness through pictures.

3. CLEAN - Yep! Take mama out of the house and while she is out have someone come in and clean everything. You have no idea how a clean house instantly puts us in a good mood...especially, if we walk in to a glass of wine and Beyonce is playing (Okay maybe thats just me!). I know you are probably thinking about having the kids do it and although it is cute when the kids are cleaning, it can become annoying. We are looking forward to not having to clean and chances are, we would need re-do what the kids have done. (Just keeping it real!)

4. ORGANIZE - If the mama is a crafty woman and has a craft area, spruce it up for her a bit. Clean it up (I am sure everything is not where it is suppose to be) and add some new items that you know she would love. This is where you should use your heart. Adding new items should be easy to identify once you look through her collection.

5. AROMATHERAPY - If she is the all natural mama and loves all things zen, buy her essential oils. If you know anything about essential oils, they can become very pricey! Pair the oils with all natural soy candles, wine and perhaps books that you think she would love and some quiet time to herself and you will have a thankful woman on your hands.

6. MALL MADNESS - Now, this one is for the guys that knows mama very well! Go to her favorite stores and ask the sales associate to pair two outfits and put them on hold in her size(this means you have to do this ahead of time). Explain her style to them (I am sure they can come up with something) and do this for approximately three stores (depending on budget of course you can do less or more). Have mama try on those two outfits and tell her she has to pick one. Repeat this for as many stores as you planned for and I guarantee this mama will leave the mall a happy woman with with all of her shopping bags in tow! This idea can incorporate shoe stores as well.

7. IT'S 5'oclock SOMEWHERE - Take this mama to a winery and dinner. This is for those of you who are older and have no younger children of course. Let her relish in feeling a little carefree and leave with a couple of her favorites to take home.

8. BREAKFAST IN BED - This one is an oldie but it is a goodie if you add an extra flare to it! You see, bringing the food to bed is a nice gesture and we love that. However, it makes it extra special if you complete it with some additional items! Make the Breakfast in bed festive! Make it out of a party and cue up her favorite movie and snacks! Check out the visual below. I am sure she would love it ! All of the items below were purchased at Target and was a total of $15 before tax.