My Journey To Minimizing STUFF

Are you excited about the New Year? I know being in the thick of motherhood, your benchmark may look more like, call me when they are school aged or call me when they are in college. Trust me, I hear you!

This year is all about setting the intentions. What are some of the things you want to be more intentional about? Additionally, this year is all about stepping things up for yourself! Now, as a mother and perhaps a wife, this can feel excruciatingly difficult but, I assure you it will make you feel better in all facets of your world.

As for me, I am on a journey. The journey is complex but simple and I am taking you along for the ride! I feel sharing your story and the interpersonal aspect of the human experience is important. While some of you, I may never meet, social media makes all of this possible so hit me up there (instagram to be exact!).

The Journey

If you have been following me on social media, you know that I was recently diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. Its an autoimmune disease that sends red flags throughout your body when the gluten protein enters, along with a host of other symptoms (more on this in another post). This means I have to eat gluten free food. While this has been wreaking havoc on me mentally and emotionally at times, I am learning to keep the pace and push my way through, and I am for the most part. With this, I am on a journey with food and the symptoms I experience. So, check my instastories daily to see what I am whipping up in the kitchen.

SIDE-NOTE: If you have an autoimmune disease, share your story, it may help the next woman.

There’s More To The Journey

In addition to my health, I am on a journey of maximizing my time and space. I am adopting a minimalist mindset and lifestyle. No, I will not walk around with ripped jeans, a backpack and t-shirt. This basically means, I will be (have been) stripping myself of many material things that I have in abundance. With this, my wardrobe is being split, my littles ones wardrobe and toys, and I am minimizing all areas of my home and life and this does include relationships. Now, don't get messy about the relationships part. Decluttering is important and it makes room for more meaningful things and people, thats just a fact.

FYI: I have not included my husband and teenagers in this because, this is my journey and not there's, but they are aware and super helpful! I welcome and encourage them to minimize in order to maximize but its not necessary that I do that because this is my journey! Besides, it doesn't change my love and joy for those amazing humans in my life. This is call working from the inside out.

AH HA MOMENT: I have found that in order for me to be the most productive doing away with clutter is key. Did you know that clutter can manifest in the form of people? On social media, there are two buttons that should become your friend. MUTE and UNFOLLOW. These buttons don’t mean you don't like the individual(s), it simply means you feel they are a distraction or they are in a season where you don’t feel their content isn't speaking to you in a way that is inspiring or encouraging...OR you simply aren’t feeling them at the time, life happens!

So, consider how your are looking to onboard the idea of being more intentional and do it. This is the year to JUST DO IT, like Nike...Make it happen for YOU girl!

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