Open Letter To Men: One Reason Why You Aren't Having Frequent Sex

SEX and married with children. Let's just start by saying hindsight is 20/20. Its often thought that married couples drown themselves in countless hours of passionate sex because they are married. Contrary to popular belief, most married men are perplexed at why the sex machine they may have married seems to need a tune up, because the sexcapades have dropped down dramatically. Well, the answer is, "Dude, she hasn't had a chance to shower."

I know you are saying eww or your face is frowned as if you smell the manure from a farm, however hear me out and this and I guarantee your perspective will change.

Mothers are busy and we are exhausted. We are gifted with the abilities to do all the things and sometimes that comes at a stinky price. The price of taking care of ourselves. Now, for some moms this is no the issue. However, after being part of many mom groups and reading many posts on social media, I have gathered that moms desire the flexibility to shower on a consistent basis without having an accomplice in the bathroom with her.

Men, can you blame her? Can you imagine taking a shower and always having to adhere to requests or questions just as your big toe touches the water? I know YOU CAN'T!