Dinnertime For Busy Families

Let’s face it, cooking dinner can be such a hassle. You don't know what to cook but you know bellies need to be filled. In addition, with busy schedules you probably desire meals that last the span of two days because it's a win win! Although I love cooking everyday, I love to have go- to meals that guarantee I could have the next day free of cooking if I wanted.

Soup Is always a great option.

Suggestions Help You Solidify Menu

1. Don’t put the burden on you completely. I recommend adding your partner and children to the equation. Request at least two meal suggestions are given to you. This could potentially cover two weeks worth of meals.

2. Recipes are a great option. Cook books and websites like AllRecipies.com are a great source. You can even check out pinterest for ideas. Don’t allow recipeis to intimidate you. You can learn a lot about spices and new dishes this way.

3. Cook Your Grocery List. When you go to the grocery store, purchase items/ingredients needed for meals for the week. Have these meals thought out in your head so when it's time to cook, you have all the ingredients.

4. Categorize the meals. If you are a planner, this should work well. Create categories.

Seafood Dish----Hearty Dish----Meatless----Salad Day. This will help you get a jumpstart on ideas.

Meals For the Families That Don’t Mind Leftovers

1. Pasta Dishes - These dishes have the reputation of lingering around. The day you serve it as a leftover, pair it with a veggie.

2. Pot Roast - If you are the carnivorous family, this is typically a dish that can last two days. Pair it with Mashed potatoes and a veggie the first day and make it into sandwiches the next and you are good to go.

3. Rice Based Meals - For my home, the staple meal I can make that never gets old is Spanish Rice. My kids are excited when they smell it cooking. Its quick and I can make enough for the next day.

Spanish rice garnished with tomatoes because it's pretty!

4. Stews and Soups - These are the perfect dishes that are sure to last two days. Day one you can pair it with pita bread or crackers and the next day with cornbread or garlic bread. Either way these are great meals that can be prepared in your crockpot easily, to give you time to do other things.