Outside Is Partially Open, What To Do?

With so much going on in our world, it can feel as if we are suffocating, or maybe it's just me (I doubt it though). Between trying to stay safe due to COVID and keeping myself and children mentally stimulated, it can be a struggle.

With many states “opening” up a little more, I had decided I needed to break free from the house. This has included doing things that are in accordance with the CDC, WHO and our State and local government (Geez, that's a lot of people having authority over your daily behavior, right?). Most importantly, I have been trying to keep my kiddos busy, and I have to tell you, it has not been easy! But I have been managing.

So, since I am convinced you have similar sentiments as I, I am sharing some activities that you can do with your children and your girlfriends!

Take A Walk - Okay I know you are over it but do it with intention. For your younger children they can play Eye Spy and for you, it can mean exercise or fitness goals.

Explore - I know it sounds corny but guess what, these are the days to get creative. Take a trip to your local forest, preserve, walk around and explore. My kids love going on “adventures” and actually my teens enjoy it as well.

Movie Night Outside -There are many cities and villages that are hosting Drive - In movie nights. Also, some Drive In Movie Theaters have reopened. Check your area and If you live in the Chicagoland Area Check this out. If the tickets are sold out, make it a movie night outdoors at home. If you have a projector bring it outdoors and project it on a white sheet. If you don't have a projector, bring the TV outside, It's okay, trust me...we have done it!

Social Distancing Picnic - Round up your friends, BYOB, and order pizza in your yard. You can still have the socialization you desire, responsibly!

Lunch In A New Town - There is always an area we drive by and are curious about the restaurants we see. This is the time. Take the drive and grab a bite to eat.

Netflix Watch Party - I know it does not replace getting together BUT it's fun to chat with your friends during the movie and have those funny moments via Chat! Check it out here.

Wine Tasting - Send your girlfriends a list of wines, purchase them, hop on a zoom call and let the fun unleash!

Online Course - Free online courses are everywhere! Brit + Co are one of the sources where you can find lots of creative classes to take. If you google “Free online courses” the flood gates of information will open.

Join A Book Club - Joining a book club is a great way to escape from the mundane. I joined The Girl Behind The Hustle Book Club and I thoroughly enjoyed the book selection. If you are interested in joining a book club, Check out Girl Behind The Hustle Are you interested in a book club for your children? Check out Read Brightly.

Golfing - This is a new hobby I have picked up and I have enjoyed it. You can can hit the golf course OR if you are comfortable, Top Golf is open. Also, miniature golf is open as well.

Road Trip - Many families are not comfortable with airports. With this, road trips are the way to go. Take a trip and enjoy the hotel for a couple of days.

Listen Mama's, I understand the daily grind, not having those activities, parks and other forms of entertainment we are accustomed to having around during the summer. However, the beauty is, we can create memories as creatively as we like (take lots of pictures). What's most important, is we are healthy and staying safe during this time. Tag me on Instagram, so I can check out all the fun!

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