Regaining Your Vitality As A Woman

Ladies, we do this thing where we let ourselves go! I’m guilty of it too. So, much so I am sitting here with pimple cream on my face like a 16 year old girl in high school, dreading the masses seeing Mt. Rushmore on my face. Basically, I had skipped on “skincare routines” and it caught up with my like a sausage pizza. Blemishes wreaking havoc and me thinking, “what is going on, how did I get here?!” So, I completely understand how we lose some of those facets that make us who we are, aesthetically especially. HOW DID I GET HERE? The answer is honestly, somewhere between, increasingly insane deadlines at the office and children/teens running circles around can probably sprinkle in your relationships (whichever they may be).

As women, we turn to coffee to bandage the wounds of our exhaustion because taking a break is something we just can't do. Although, Coffee and wine and lately CBD (never tried it, only hemp lotion) has been our primary magic potions, we are losing focus as to why our vitality is important and desperately needed. Your vitality is that “thing” that urges you to hit the ground running everyday. It's your mojo, your mama sauce, your mama swag. It's the energy that you need that keeps you pumped up. However the pitfalls of real life situations weighs increasingly heavy on our psyche and we end up in a rut.

Girl, we have got to GET OUT! Here are a couple ways you can regain your vitality and exude your mama swag and mojo!

1. Girl, Wash Your FACE - Seriously, literally! There is nothing like incorporating a skincare routine that gives your face suppleness and a glow. This makes us feel good. A fresh face can sometimes wipe away the stickiness of life's challenges or the days drama.

2. DATE - I know you are thinking, GIRL aren’t you married? Very much so! However, going on dates with my husband once per week has been amazing for me. Additionally though, I have been intentional about hanging out with girlfriends. As my children count has increased and my life has become more complex, I really value getting up with the girls and having a drink, if you know me, I love good cocktails.

3. DO something YOU LOVE - Let’s just say your 9 to 5 is not what you love. That's okay (I mean not really but hey you have to pay the bills). Take the energy you have and do something that you love or really enjoy. It can be anything. Be intentional about doing that thing.

4. FILL UP - When I feel like my spirit needs to be filled up and I need a hype man, I go to Sarah Jakes Roberts, Goal Cast and Beyonce. LOL! Although, I do attend church sometimes during the week, I need an extra boost and Sarah does just that. Beyonce hypes me up! Goal Cast reminds me of my purpose.

5. REST - We are so afraid to rest because we think we will miss something. I get it, I am guilty of it too. However, getting rest is what really rejuvenates our bodies, our face and our brain. We skimp on rest because we want to be great! I am right there with you girl but we have to give ourselves grace and the reassurance that what is for us will not pass us by.

I hope these tips really bless you...seriously! As women and mothers we can become creatures of crazy habits but those habits don’t include ourselves. We stretch our arms wide to be everything to everyone. It's time we give ourselves a little TLC so we don’t always have to rely on CBD or C-O-F-F-E-E.

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