Let's Go Road-Tripping

There is nothing more exciting than a road trip with your family (okay yes there are some). I enjoy the fond memories, the goodies, the conversations and the pit stops we make along the way. For me, road trips allowamilies to have a bonding experience that cannot take place on the airplane. If you are a busy family like mines, its an intimate time when everyone is relaxed. My family is pretty large, four girls and one boy (who is wheelchair bound) so, traveling by car is sometimes easier depending on the destination. When we travel there are items that are a necessity to make our trip run as smoothly as possible.

1. Snacks - The night before our trip I usually pack up the cooler with sandwiches, fruits, juice, water, cookies, chips and any other snacks my girls typically want to add to the bunch. The cooler that I use is small enough to be stationed in the van located in a place that is easy for us to access. Having snacks curve those road trip appetites! However, we do stop along the way if it is a place we can't resist.

2. Movies - Our minivan has a TV so we always have the kids favorite movies ready to go! IF your family has younger and older children this may not be so desirable for one of the groups of children, however, this is why you must prepare and have a back up plan.

3. Electronics - This is the backup plan to those pesky teens who are not interested in watching cartoons that any teen or tween may dread watching for hours. The electronics we typically have with us are at least two macbooks and two tablets. This makes the trip comfortable for everyone and allows all children to be thoroughly satisfied with their TV watching selections.

4. Portable Hotspot -Depending on your cellular devices data plan, you may have the capabilities to tether and use your phone as a source of internet connectivity for those electronics. If not, you may want to invest in a portable hotspot. We have found this to be well worth the penny. Its perfect for road trips, however, its perfect for any time you may be away from home and desire to have a reliable source of internet connectivity.

5. First Aid Kit - Every family needs a first aid kit to keep in their car, especially during road trips. Although you are not outdoors, believe me, with children something always happens. Having a first aid kit with a couple bandages, alcohol wipes, pain meds and allergy meds is always a perfect starting point. You can check out my first aid kit here.

6. Toddler Survival Kit - This is basically, a bag of tricks to keep your tot busy during those long road trips. These are items that can keep them busy when watching movies and curbs the antsy appetite. This kit is all based on items you feel would keep your tot quiet!

7. Books - Encourage your older children to dive into a book. I always make my older girls pack one book. This was once one request that they were not too fond of and now they love it!

8. Headphones - When you have a car full of children, you want to make sure there are at least two sets of headphones present. This will save the overly stimulated brain activity that occurs on roadtrips!

9. Chargers - Yes, while it may be a no brainer, it is easy to forget your chargers! Be sure you have chargers for all electronic devices. This will save a lot of tears and tantrums!

10. Blankets and Pillows - You do not have to bring the comforters or quilt from your bed however, a throw with a neck pillow is suitable for road trips. This too will save your ears from the complaints over the temperature.

While there may be more items you would add to the list, these are some of the items that are a must have for us. Road Trips can be fun however, it is important that you keep items handy that will make the trip run a lot smoother. Happy Roadtripping!

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