How To Be A Runaway Mom

Have you ever had one of those days where you just wanted to runaway from home like a rebellious teenager? Yeah me too. I never ran away as a teen, but as an adult I have thought about running away from these little and big people too, and guess what? I have and you should try it too. However, let me explain this a little further.

How To Runaway

You wait for your spouse/significant other to return home, you point them in the direction of food and you leave. Simple. PLEASE don’t leave your children unattended.

When To Runaway

It's typically a day when you are exhausted and really need air. It's a day when you need an hour or two to clear your mind remind yourself of your strength and just how kick-ass you are.

Where To Runaway To

This completely depends your likings.

A quick trip to the mall

Grab a bite to eat from your favorite restaurant. If you are not comfortable eating alone in the restaurant you can eat in your car, so order the food as a carryout.

Head out for a mani/pedi (my nail techs serve wine!).

Go to the theaters and catch a movie that you have been wanting to see. If sitting in the theaters alone is not your cup of tea…

Head to your local coffee shop and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

Drive around and listen to your favorite songs loudly.

Workout or go for a run

How To Return Home From Your Rebellious Activity

Give yourself a pep talk. Remind yourself how awesome you are, how beautiful and loving your family is and how much you love them. Remember that you are not a robot and you cannot do everything. Give thanks for having people that love you and desire your return and open the door to your beautiful home.

This may sound corny to some people but it if you keep living, you will understand that sometimes in mother-hood you have rough days and you need to escape for an hour or two to process your thoughts. This does not make a you a bad mother or spouse. This makes you human and further suggest that you understand when you are having an overwhelmed moment. These days should be far and few in between. IF they are more often, you should consider a counselor that can help you process your thoughts and feelings further. If this is the case, do not feel ashamed, just understand that you may be experiencing depression and as moms we want to make sure we keep our mental health in order so that we can keep caring for our loving family. All in all, you are human you are giving this parenting thing all you've got! You got this!

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