Self Care & Wellness Has Been Hijacked Now What? Going Back To The Basics

I believe there is no time like the present (LITERALLY) to be adherent to the idea of wellness and self-care. Until two weeks ago, all the things and ways we viewed self-care had been hijacked and held captive, leaving the entire world paralyzed by what it means to care about ourselves. All the ways in which we have married ourselves off to weekly massages, mani, pedis, and brunch dates, have been thrown out of the window, leaving us feeling isolated, and anxious about how to do life within the confines of our homes.

IT’S TIME TO GO BACK TO THE BASICS Back are the days of being TRULY innovative and creative like our ancestors. BACK are the days of digging deep inside to pay attention to ourselves and determine, what is it that makes us feel relaxed, safe and peaceful. Then, how can we create these opportunities, within the comfort of our home, merged with the typical distractions of conference calls and tantrums because the taco falls apart. What’s so incredible about this time is that no one is the oracle. We are all maneuvering our way during this time the best way we can. However, what is beautiful, is our willingness to share suggestions and resources to achieve our desire to function in this capacity, as pleasant as possible. This week, on IG LIVE we are breaking down this conversation in an effort to create a master plan for ourselves. We shall not accredit our self-care routine to be dependent upon sources outside of ourselves. We will not allow this to happen again! We are moving onward and upward with a new mindset, and we are doing it together and better. We will leave this experience of Social Distancing, appreciating the luxuries we are afforded and we will not allow them to be the epicenter of our self-care. We will be so thankful each and every time we walk into the hair salon, nail salon, spa, massage parlor, etc. We will enjoy those experiences much more than we did before, and we will feel an abundance of gratitude. But we will never forget the ways in which we can fill our cup if we need to do it without any additional resources, like the ones mentioned above. Here are a couple of ideas to get the cogwheel moving: 1. Earthing/Grounding 2. Digitally Disconnect 3. Exercise 4. Meditation or Prayer 5. Journal 6. Phone A friend 7. Reading 8. Take A Walk 9. Create a Spa Day 10. Wash Your Hair <