SlimeFest Was Fun With A Positive Message

SLIME FEST was the highlight of my weekend and my gosh did my kids have a great time. Although they did not get slimed because the chill in the air had them a bit nervous, they enjoyed the experience. The Nickelodeon SlimeFest is literally Coachella for kids (I even saw parents in the spirit!). Children come dressed in their tutu’s and psychedelic colors. There were hues of lime green, bright pinks, glitter and bows, it's a true sight to see. The event is topped off by performances and this year JoJo Siwa was the love interest of all the kiddos hearts! However, for the older children and adults enjoyed hearing music from TPain, Pitbull, Bebe Rexa and Chance The Rapper was the surprise guest! There was tons of food, drinks, snacks and spirits for adults. This was my first SlimeFest Experience and I was so thrilled, I had a chance to experience with my entire family. Let me share what I learned.

Jenesis, Me, Jisele, Jaylah, Jesa, Lewis, Jay

Wheelchair Accessibility

Nickelodeon did a great job with creating an event that was wheelchair accessible. There were no issues getting through the crowd that we wouldn't typically experience with a stroller. The event was packed with activities and many photo opportunities. There were a couple activities my son couldn’t enjoy due to his disability however, that did not take away from his experience. There was difficulty pushing the wheelchair through the grass however, that was to be expected as well. Experiences like the Slime Disco were right up his alley! The event was equipped with accessible bathrooms, parking and there was a fleet of emergency vehicles onsite just in case there were medical concerns. Look mamas, I understand the complexities however, experiences like this, your child deserves to experience. Allow your children to have a childhood that they deserve and that is one of FUN!

Navigating the Wheelchair and wagon through the crowd swiftly.

Suggestion - If you have a child in a wheelchair, bring all of the extras that you would typically bring with you for a day out at the park. It's important to be prepared at events like this because there are tons of people and you never know how your child may react. If you have a child that has a sensitivity to loud sounds, it's a great idea to bring those noise cancelling headphones for sure. Finally, consider adding Zip ties on the wheels of your kiddos wheelchair (and stroller). The zip ties are great for adding traction to the wheels so they can navigate rough terrain.

Jay was all smiles and enjoyed the day!

Teenage Dream

At first sight you may think the SlimeFest is not going to appeal to any kid after sixth grade or so and I would have to disagree. If you have a child that enjoys having fun with friends believe me, this would be a great time. For the teenagers, if they are silly enough, believe me the inflatables, slime disco, food and performances are more than enough to keep them intrigued. My teen girls enjoyed the performances and having the opportunity to see some of the actresses and actors they watch on television in person was a cherry on top.

Teenage Daughters

Little Bittys

My younger kids really enjoyed the webinar. They absolutely loved they music and inflatables however, the slime had my little ones a bit in question of the endeavor.

Jisele was convinced she was Jojo Siwa

Suggestion - For events like this, bring a picnic mat or blanket. Younger children are tired easily so it's a great idea to bring a blanket to make them comfortable for resting in between activities and performances. Don’t forget your typical items that you keep in your diaper bag that are important like change of clothes, baby wipes, sanitizers etc.

The Overall Message Throughout The Day

I had an opportunity to speak with many of the Nickelodeon talent and it was a great experience. I spoke with them about recent projects coming up but most importantly, I asked them all a universal question: What advice do you have for kids that are looking to be involved in showbusiness?

Kel Mitchell

Executive Producer of All That - PERSISTENCE! Kel shared that it's important for children to go for it and be persistent. He also shared how getting into the industry has changed since he was a teenager so, leveraging your resources like social media plays a huge role. Basically, Kel is saying if your child is interested in the business, encourage them to keep going, be persistent and be savvy. Breaking into show business is never easy however, these days, social media and YouTube serves as a liaison to get noticed.

Kel Mitchell, Executive Producer of All That Coming June 15th!

Riele Downs & Ella Anderson

Actresses on Henry Danger - Be comfortable with yourself, know your value and your worth, be yourself, don’t change who you are, go for what you want and work hard. These words couldn't be any truer not only for children but even for adults! I loved this advice because our children are so impressionable and its easy for them to be distracted by outside interferences. Please share this with your kiddo!

Jayden Bartels

Jayden’s Dance Throwdown - Stay focused and keep going! Jayden is a triple threat! She singes, she dances and acts. All of this was not easy. This is due to persistence and hard work. This young lady has great energy and I was able to gather that her parents gave her a solid foundation. Encouraging our children to explore the arts is equally important. While we are always striving for academic excellence, my girls also dance. It was great to hear encouraging words to share with my dancers and yours too!

Jayden Bartles is a great hip - hop dancer. Check her out on her new show Jayden's Dance Throwdown, coming soon..

What I learned

After speaking with the talent, I learned a lot about the impact we have as parents on our children. Although Kel Mitchell is an adult with nearly adult children, I learned that if it was not for his family, introducing him to acting he would not be the Kel Mitchell we know today. His parents exposed him to something and sometimes that's what it takes. There is nothing wrong with trying something different mamas! Introduce your child to new activities and disciplines. It's our duty to keep them encouraged if they have a dream or aspiration. Along with that though, reminding them of the importance of hard work, determination and adversity is equally an integral for their development. The SlimeFest was an all around good vibe! I recommend you bringing your child along for the ride next year for sure! Check out all of the new and returning shows on Nickelodeon!

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