Tips To Curb Your Appetite While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a real job. First, let me salute the mamas who exclusively breastfeed and those who pump because it's all a labor of pure love. I have been a breastfeeding mama for three years and it has seemed like a marathon, but a sprint to the fridge! In the middle of the night, I feel like a vampire. I wake up searching for snacks, water or juice. It's really an interesting play on waking up in the middle of the night. I bet no one told you, you would be waking up to feed cravings after pregnancy huh? Well, I am here to share that tidbit of information with you to help you swiftly handle those late night hunger pains, while breastfeeding.

Snack Responsibly. Try to grab granola bars, fruit and snacks that aren’t too high in sugars or carbs during the night because chances are, you are heading back to bed. You don’t want those sugars and carbs sticking around making themselves comfortable in your midsection.

Drink Up Girl. Keep water on your nightstand at night. This will be a life saver because if you haven’t noticed already, you are very thirsty when you are breastfeeding.

Load Up On Vitamins. It is suggested that breastfeeding mothers continue with prenatal vitamins or a multivitamin. Your body is releasing so many nutrients and vitamins, you want to make sure some of it is being stored for you. This is essential because those snacks alone cannot provide you with the nutrients you will need.

Stash it up. Keep a stash of snacks in your nightstand drawer to eliminate traveling to the kitchen for a snack. During those first months postpartum, the lack of sleep is pretty awful! Save yourself a trip to the kitchen and keep snacks closely. (Granola, Protein bars, trail mix, etc.)

Snack Often. You will need to snack during the day. These should be healthy snacks as well. Carbs (the good ones) are just fine however, don’t overload yourself. Those carbs will help with replenishing energy and the 500 or so calories you are burning with breastfeeding alone.

I am no doctor but I have learned many things along the way and it's only right that I share that information with mamas. Breastfeeding is such a beautiful journey. I am always in awe, that I am producing nutrients to sustain the nutritional needs for my baby. God is the real MVP!

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Other Uses for Breast Milk

If you are a new mama to the breastfeeding milk gang, I’d like to share with you other uses for your breastmilk.

Crater Cap

Dry Skin (eczema, baby acne)

Bath Time (Drop approx 5 oz in the bath water)

Water substitute if you are making baby food.

Sore Nipples

Insect Bites

Diaper Rash

and much more!

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