Navigating Spring Break

Growing up Spring Break was affectionately coined “ Clean Up Week.” This was a week we literally washed everything; curtains, linens, carpet, baseboards, ceiling fans etc. To be honest, we looked forward to it. I can smell the bleach and pine sol as I reflect on those memories. We would blast the music, open windows and literally get the house in tip top shape! Fast forward to present day. My children view spring break as primetime party time! Now don’t get me wrong, in college Spring Break was the highlight of the year for some. Wild vacations filled with drunken nights and bikinis is what I remember being the recollection of the playback reel (I never experienced such luxuries during college though. You know, parenting.)

Cleaning supplies in a bucket
Cleaning Up isn't as fun, but we are always happy when it is done!

In many communities now, Spring Break means vacationing somewhere. As for us, we have not always traveled for spring break. Between pregnancies and just wanting to relax at home, vacationing during Spring Break just wasn't always desired for us adults. As for the kids, they experience FOMO in the worst way! In their eyes everyone is soaking up sun and fun without them. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t feel the pressure to do what other families are doing (I know its hard. I remember a woman going tanning so that others would think she was on vacation for spring break.I kid you not!) I have some tips on ways you can enjoy Spring Break with or without the social pressures. The choice is yours.

Retro Van
Hit the road. Which is what we are doing.

1. Clean up - Although we are going on vacations this year, I will actually miss the opportunity of getting things completely tidy as we head into the spring season. Don’t feel you have to conform every year and do what others are doing. Doing what you know to be good for your household is key. If cleaning up is a high priority take that time and get things in order.

2. Go On Vacation - This year going somewhere for the week was necessary for my sanity! It's completely okay if this is the case for you. We have to wisen up and identify when getting away is detrimental to maintaining healthy mental space. If taking a trip is what you need to take a load off, TAKE IT GIRL!

3. Split Your Time - Don’t feel ashamed to take a couple days to get things tidy and then head out for vacation thereafter. This is called prioritization. You know what you and your family need. There is no harm in splitting your time to take care of home and enjoy a little R&R on the tail end of the week.

Layout of clothes
Minimalism is Key. Make memories, not stress.

4. Staycation - Listen, there are plenty sites to see in your own state. Book a hotel for the family and just relax. Although you may not be away from your home state, you are at least away from your house. I have found that taking time away from the home feels just as good as being away on vacation.

5. Field Trip Every Day - You may not want to stay at a hotel, you just desire to get out of the house. Well, this is perfect timing! Visit restaurants you have always wanted to visit, see movies you have desired to see, check out cool family fun places (indoor arcades, indoor aquatic centers, museums etc) and witness broadway shows or live theater. I know many of these activities we just don't have the time to do as often as we would like. I think using spring break week is the perfect opportunity.

The point is, welcome Spring with open arms in a way that works for your family. We have to move into a direction, where we are comfortable in doing what is designed specifically for our lives. So often we compare our lives against the plans others have for theirs. Moving into this season of spring, think of it as a rebirth. Let’s let go of any expectations or baggage that we have been tugging around. Let’s invite authenticity and comfort into who we are and the plans that are ordained specifically for us. Feel comfortable with being you besides, you are beautifully and wonderfully made anyway! Happy Spring!

Zen Stones stacked.