Stop Dimming Your Light To Make Others Comfortable

I was watching a movie on Netflix and there was a scene that really stirred up an irritation that I have about relationships (romantic, interpersonal and platonic). The movie was “Always Be My Maybe” and the scene was when Sasha was heading to an event and Marcus was in his feelings about her career as a celebrity chef. Basically, Marcus had a slight insecurity. Sasha said something and the feminism in me was cheering and giving her a high-five through the screen. She simply shared with him that she can’t be apologetic about her celebrity status fame and fortune.

As women...we do this thing where we dumb down certain parts of ourselves, if we feel there is a chance it may emasculate a man or create the perception that we have our shit together so much so, that it leaves no space for him in our life. We also do this in our social circles because we fear being the chick who thinks she is "all that." We dim our light pouring acid on our excellence leaving us stripped of our self integrity. Foolish. But I get it.

Ladies, we have to remember who we are and show up as ourselves. We cannot waver who we are, in an effort to bring confidence or convenience to someone else. When we show up as our whole self, we set the tone for our expectations. This doesn’t mean we are arrogant and we shouldn't behave arrogantly either. However, we can’t be apologetic about how badass we are.

Have you noticed men love speaking about their accolades and accomplishments. They do not dumb-down their success nor do they leave anything out (if they think it's impressive). Bottom line though, ladies don’t drown out the sound you are making in your career or lifestyle. You have earned those titles, those coins and those degrees. Besides, you bring so much more to the table than your accolades. If a person, no matter the gender or the circumstances can’t see that within you, chances are it's just a relationship (intimately or not) that is not meant to be at this time. Stop dimming your light to make others comfortable.

Be You and Be Brave. Keep Growing and Keep Glowing