Summer Activites For Busy Families That Desire Minimal Planning

I know you can't believe Summer Vacation is here and almost over. Nevertheless, it's not too late to start planning activities for the Family, that will require minimal planning.

Typically, I would create a “lesson plan (see that here)” for the kids, but since my older bunch is REALLY older and my younger bunch is A LOT YOUNGER, I decided to have all hands on deck, and we created a summer bucket list (Check out more about that here). However, I understand that schedules get busy during the summer and sometimes you don’t have time. Here are a list of activities you should take note of RIGHT NOW (maybe add it to your summer bucket list) that will not require any reservations, registrations or signups! This is for the mom and family that is really busy but doesn't want to skimp out on the fun.

Zoo - Look, I know you may be thinking...the Zoo is so like “The Same Every Time.” Well, I want you to know there is more to the Zoo. You can check the calendar of your local Zoo and there are always different events going on. IF you are feeling adventurous and dread heading to your local zoo, here is a list of zoos in Illinois!