Summer Activites For Busy Families That Desire Minimal Planning

I know you can't believe Summer Vacation is literally knocking at the door. I have attended a graduation, saw many teens heading off to prom in the past few weeks and even saw a blizzard! I know, it appears as if the temperatures in the midwest are on a bit of a delay with the calendar. Nevertheless, it's time for us to start planning summer activities for the Family. You think you have time..NOPE! Park districts and organizations have already opened registration for many of these events so, yeah guys, its TIME!

Typically, I would create a “lesson plan (see that here)” for the kids, but since my older bunch is REALLY older and my younger bunch is A LOT YOUNGER, I decided to have all hands on deck and we created a summer bucket list (Check out more about that here). However, I understand schedules get busy during the summer and sometimes you don’t have time. Here are a list of activities you should take note of RIGHT NOW (maybe add it to your summer bucket list) that will not require any reservations, registrations or signups! This is for the mom and family that is really busy but doesn't want to skimp out on the fun.

Zoo - Look, I know you may be thinking...the zoo is so like “The Same Every Time.” Well, I want you to know there is more to the zoo. You can check the calendar of your local Zoo and there are always different events going on. IF you are feeling adventurous and dread heading to your local zoo, here is a list of zoos in Illinois!

Kids love petting animals!

Movies - There are a bunch of great movies coming to the theaters this summer. Not to mention, this is an activity that can be done at anytime! Movie Nights in the summer are perfect for families because they can be done after work hours and during the day. If you are the early bird type, you can attend Classic Cinemas Wintrust Morning Movies Series on Wednesdays for $1. If you are the mom that enjoys getting the day started early, these movies are great!

Downtown - I am not sure where you live but in Chicago, during the summer our downtown is the place to be #SummerTimeChi. There is so much to do and see and kids absolutely love it. Head down to Navy Pier and take a ride on the Ferris Wheel, maybe have dinner or perhaps lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp. You may even have an opportunity to catch a ride on the Seadog which is a water tour!

Beach Time -Beaches are open from Dusk until Dawn (some), take advantage of that time. Luckily for us Chicagoans, we have many beaches to choose from! Here is a list of some awesome beaches. We really love Glencoe Beach because it's smaller than some and there is a nice playground (This beach is part of the Glencoe Park District so check their site for dates and rates).

Amusement Park - The only planning that needs to go into this is what time you want to leave! Attending amusement parks in the summer is a great activity because it doesn’t require much advance planning. Your children are sure to have a great time. For us Chicagoans that means Six Flags Great America! However, here is a list of others in Illinois!

Water Park - Kids love water in the summer. Pack up light snacks and have fun! Here are some located in the Chicago suburbs.

Carnivals - There is something about carnivals that always scream, it's SUMMERTIME! I don't know if its freshly squeezed lemonade, the cotton candy, nachos, funnel cake or ice cream but its always such a good time. You can check for carnivals in your area by simply googling “Carnivals near me.” Do this periodically during the summer. If you do it right now some dates are already up!

Festivals - There are many villages, towns and cities that host various themed festivals. Again, if you do a google search “Festivals Near me” a bunch will pop up! These festivals are sometimes arts based, food, music, etc. Check out the ones in your area!

I hope you have bookmarked this page or written these down! These are all family friendly activities you can do with your entire family! Make sure you begin to get your First Aid Kit together and keep it in your car.

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