Supporting Your Child Ethically

This week news broke about wealthy parents paying Rick Singer a college admissions coach, to fraudulently collude with others, to grant admission into ivy league and prominent colleges and universities. Like many others, this story was very unsettling to me. Having a daughter that is nearing the end of her sophomore year in high school, we have began the conversations surrounding colleges and this story made the thought even more overwhelming.

We all love our children and want the best for them, however there is a such thing as “doing too much.” I am a huge advocate for showing up for your child, and speaking up for them in situations where they are not mature to speak eloquently for themselves or their rights. Nevertheless, paying their way through life in the form of fraud and other unethical practices is where the line is drawn. There are many other ways to advocate and support your child without the institution of fraudulent behavior, here are a couple:

Seek Mentorship Opportunities - Mentors are great to have in place for tween and teens because they offer the child an unbiased ear. They serve as a coach and adviser through life and sometimes, if this type of relationship is not formed with a parent (or even if it is), it is great to seek someone who is qualified to do that, that the parent approves of. This can easily be a family member.