Tactile Learning Ideas During School Closures

Schools are closing and eLearning is in full swing. Even my son, who is medically complex, had his laptop delivered home today for us to begin the eLearning/homeschooling process. For many parents whose children are tactile learners, the idea of eLearning will not necessarily fit the bill. For those children, this is the time to mimic or create the lessons you have seen done at school. BUT if you don’t remember and being creative isn’t your thing, I gotcha! I have a list of activities for your child who is a hands-on learner.

Flash Cards - Break out the flash cards and get creative. There are so many learning activities you can create using flash cards, that provides a hands on learning experience for your child. Get creative and have fun. Matching and guessing games always go over well.

Music Learning - Head over to YouTube and vet educational videos with music. This is fun and can be soothing for a child depending on the cadence of the music. Let me know what you find!

Counting Games - Do you have blocks, dolls, figurines of any sort? Use those items as tools to engage in counting games. Some of our children are visual learners, using objects is always a great way to grab their attention.

Garden Time - Do you have any seeds? Grab dirt from the backyard, plant a couple seeds and watch it grow over the next couple of weeks. Track the data.

Manners & Personal Space - Set up your own etiquette class. This is a fun way to teach your child proper table manners and the importance of personal space.

Musical Theater - You can add the music or not, but a family theater performance is a fantastic way to engage your child.

Build It - Find an image in a book or online and encourage your child to build it with blocks!

I hope these ideas get your creative mind thinking about how you can implement some of these ideas into your daily routine.

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