Importance Of Fathers


Sometimes they are the unspoken heroes in the mommy parenting movement. Sometimes we are so overly indulged in how much we do as mothers, that we often times negate all that fathers do. Father's are the conscious of our mothering. Some may not want to admit it. We make decisions for our children and although daddy may be busy with work or away traveling, we always think of them and their feelings toward our decisions. Although they do not birth the children, they are tasked with loving the children in a way that is a pure work of art. They are not burdened with carrying the baby for nine months and enduring labor however, they love them just as much, as if it were their bodies that carried them, its a magical relational experience.

They are tasked with showing children what being a man is all about.

This is my late grandfather. Pictured with my aunt (top left) and his only two sons. My mom and my other aunt hadn't arrived yet :-) !

For our daughters (our future mrs) they have the responsibility of modeling the kind of man they will some day marry. The kind of man that will be the important image of what fatherhood looks like for their children. They are the model citizen to help our daughters understand how a man loves on his wife, how a man protects his wife and how a man is emotionally indulged in the care of his wife and women in general.

For our sons they have the responsibility of being a reflective mirror of how they will look as a man. How they are to treat women and how they should father their children. How they should move through this world with a gentle heart and have a powerful role. How they should stand up for their household, protect it and reassure that they are providing it with emotional gains. They are showing their sons discipline and love, structure and adventure, strength and wisdom. They are showing them that being a man is strength and power however, at its epicenter it too is emotional and gentle.

Father's have an impact on how our children navigate the world. They give their hearts and soul for their family and on this day, they deserve the gift of celebration for all they do and are to our nests.

I didn't grow up with my father, however, I had a set of awesome grandfathers and uncles that were the epitome of fatherhood. I celebrate all of them and my magnificent husband!

Happy Fathers Day!

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