The Spirit Of Believe: Our Polar Express Experience

Last week, I told my mom that it just doesn’t feel like the holiday season. I am not sure if it's from our premature eagerness for holiday movies that we have watched since we wiped the Halloween makeup off our faces or perhaps for me it's a little more personal. My grandmother is set to have surgery and the Christmas season is one that is her absolute favorite. With the surgery carrying a shadow over the holiday, this could potentially be the reason for my sentiments...until last night!


My three-year-old (Jissy) and I enjoyed a magical experience aboard the Polar Express Train Ride, departing from Union Station. The magic began as soon as we entered the main hall of Union Station. Directly in front of us was beautiful Polar Express Display and to right, our vision grazed well into the height of the ceiling as we marveled at the beautifully lit Christmas tree. The energy was pure joy.

Before we hopped aboard, we obtained our golden ticket from the ticket booth and headed to the tables set up for children to write a letter to Santa. Thereafter, there was a cool mailbox to slip them into. Jisele was so excited and sure the guy with the white beard was surely going to answer her request; she inscribed in toddler writing that she wanted a L.O.L doll. Finally, as we waited until we were summoned we watched the Polar Express movie in another room.


The vibes were electrifying. When the children heard the conductor over the speakers announce it was time to take a walk to the train they were excited, heck me too! Families were all full of glee as they were dressed in their matching Christmas pajamas and some girls with fancy dresses.

The conductor greeted us and we hopped on board. The inside of the train car was so beautifully decorated and the Christmas lights lit the car like the northern lights. The train car conductors stamped our tickets and it was at that time the train car was filled with laughter and the excitement from the children.

The rest of the one hour ride was pure excitement. The story of the Polar Express was read and acted out in the aisle of the train. There was acting, dancing, beautiful singing, hot chocolate, cookies, and Santa Claus. Jisele’s face appeared as if she had been placed in a utopian paradise, full of joy and the spirit of BELIEVE was shining bright in her eyes. My girl even volunteered to be a reindeer in one of the musical selections. She marched up and down the aisle. I was proud, you would have thought she had been practicing for months, that how excited I was. I was buying into the spirit of BELIEVE.


As we hopped on another train to go home, I thought to myself this is what the season is all about. The love and joy we see in our children's eyes as they hear the Christmas songs, see the christmas lights and anticipate the magic that occurs on Christmas morning. As for adults, believing in Santa is not really what it's about. Rather, believing the miracle we know that had taken place in the manger changed how we would live forever. It's also the hope and belief in knowing that with faith, we too can hear the bells ring during this season. For more pictures and footage, head over to Instagram.


For families with children that have sensitivities to lights and sounds, this experience is available to you on Saturday, 12/14/19, at 12:10 pm.