The Year Santa Got Creative

The holiday season can sometimes be a slippery slope of emotions. We are caught up in the excitement and the excitement can quickly turn to a bit of somberness. Maybe you can’t purchase that gift you really want to buy for a loved one, or maybe memories of Christmases that have passed seem to have a stronghold on your emotions.

Go back down memory lane with me, won't you?!

I love Christmas and so does my family. As an only child I have to admit, I have always had GREAT Christmases. I typically got whatever I asked for and I say that humbly because my mom is awesome like that! However, there was this one Christmas that my mom and I laugh about, here’s why…

You see, I have always had GREAT stuff, well one Christmas my mom ran out of ideas! Her giving spirit had given me so much that she had to get creative. I know this because she shared with me that she didn't know what to buy anymore so she decided to do something different. Christmas morning I woke up to some pretty interesting gifts, here is what I got (I think I was 9 or 10 years old):

Digital Typewriter Stereo Trampoline (the small workout kind)

Weight set (1lb, 3lb, 5lb) Workout Mat (now that I think about it, it was similar to a yoga mat but more cushion)

Yes, this is what I got! Although we laugh about it now, I have to admit, I LOVED IT! Yes, the items were rather unconventional but I was thankful. Santa Delivered!

Mothers, your children are thankful for you! Sometimes we allow Christmas get us in a funk. A season that is supposed to be full of joy and love can leave us feeling inadequate for what we can’t buy (or have). It leaves all of the great things we actually can do overshadowed by our feelings of inadequateness. Let the season guide you to love and being present in the moment. Relish in the happy-ness of the season and remember, this season is all about love and the birth of Christ.

I am sure a part of my mom felt a bit discouraged that year. She told me she was worried I wouldn't like the items. However, I actually loved them. This is why the relationship between parents and children are special because we love unconditionally. Don’t let the presents for the season ruin your presence during the season.

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