The Year Santa Got Creative

The holiday season can sometimes be a slippery slope of emotions. We are caught up in the excitement and the excitement can quickly turn to a bit of somberness. Maybe you can’t purchase that gift you really want to buy for a loved one, or maybe memories of Christmases that have passed seem to have a stronghold on your emotions.

Go back down memory lane with me, won't you?!

I love Christmas and so does my family. As an only child I have to admit, I have always had GREAT Christmases. I typically got whatever I asked for and I say that humbly because my mom is awesome like that! However, there was this one Christmas that my mom and I laugh about, here’s why…

You see, I have always had GREAT stuff, well one Christmas my mom ran out of ideas! Her giving spirit had given me so much that she had to get creative. I know this because she shared with me that she didn't know what to buy anymore so she decided to do something different. Christmas morning I woke up to some pretty interesting gifts, here is what I got (I think I was 9 or 10 years old):

Digital Typewriter Stereo Trampoline (the small workout kind)