Summer Fun In Chicago Suburbs

Check it. Us Suburban families have fun too! I PROMISE, it's not a lame situation! Summertime in the suburbs is possible guys! During the summer I really love spending time in the city however, there are some elements of the Suburbs that are priceless like PARKING. As a mama that tuggs a double stroller, perhaps a wagon and a wheelchair, adequate parking is important. Anyhow, I want to share with you some fun activities you can take advantage of in the Chicago suburbs.

Cosley Zoo - This Zoo is located in Wheaton and it's perfect for mamas with young children. Cosley also has an awesome petting zoo which offers kiddos a hands on experience that sometimes they don’t have at the larger zoos. Additionally, this zoo has free parking (WIN!).

Centennial Beach - This is a great alternative to a “beach.” Although its man made, there is sand and shaded areas for families to hang out when they are not swimming. There is also a splash pad for young children along with floatation devices that are available on a first come first serve basis. This Beach does come at a price but it's worth it and again the parking is free!

Pac Man Entertainment - Prepare to feel nostalgic and hang out at Pac Man in Schaumburg. This place is loaded with arcade games, bowling and food. This may not be for the littles but if you have older children this is a great option. Oh and don’t worry mama, there's spirits.

Graue Mill Museum - Is great if you are in the mood for a cool history lesson. The museum shares how life was lived in the area during 1850-1890. The staff teaches children about milling , spinning and weaving. As an addition to this museum, there a breathtaking scenic trail that has beautiful views and small waterfall. If you are hungry and want lunch don’t worry McDonalds is across the street (If that's your thing).

Cantigny Park - This place is breathtaking! There are beautiful gardens, a plush golf course and an insightful museum. Not to mention there is a playground with huge tank trucks that kids can explore and shaded picnic areas.

Morton Arboretum - An adornment of hundreds of acres of nature bliss. If you are an environmental science buff, you would adore the beauty at the Arboretum. Check their calendar of events because there are always fun exhibits and events.

Skokie Lagoons - This place is for the family that is enjoys more “outdoorsy” fun like kayaking and canoeing.

Wagner Farm - This is one of Cook County’s last working dairy farms. In addition to cows, pigs, chickens, horses and much more the farm is very interactive, which kids love! This is a great place to bring your young children to offer an educational lesson about where food comes from.

Mamas and Daddys this is just a very shortlist of activities. The suburbs is also packed with many other Nature trails, parks and Speciality museums. This summer, plan a trip to hang out in a Chicago Suburb, you will enjoy it!

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