Summer Fun In Chicago Suburbs

Check it. Us Suburban families have fun too! I PROMISE, it's not a lame situation! Summertime in the suburbs is possible guys! During the summer I really love spending time in the city however, there are some elements of the Suburbs that are priceless like PARKING. As a mama that tuggs a double stroller, perhaps a wagon and a wheelchair, adequate parking is important. Anyhow, I want to share with you some fun activities you can take advantage of in the Chicago suburbs.

Cosley Zoo - This Zoo is located in Wheaton and it's perfect for mamas with young children. Cosley also has an awesome petting zoo which offers kiddos a hands on experience that sometimes they don’t have at the larger zoos. Additionally, this zoo has free parking (WIN!).

Centennial Beach - This is a great alternative to a “beach.” Although its man made, there is sand and shaded areas for families to hang out when they are not swimming. There is also a splash pad for young children along with floatation devices that are available on a first come first serve basis. This Beach does come at a price but it's worth it and again the parking is free!