Tips To Create A Less Rigid And More Relexed Homeschooling Environment

It's the first day of distance learning for many students and I understand parents are diving in head first in full professor mode, while some are taking a more relaxed approach. Whichever route we take, it's important we remember, social distancing is even more challenging for our children. They are accustomed to living a completely social life and it’s being held captive at the moment.

However, instead of pulling out our ruler and pointer, we can create a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that mimics the likes of the Google workplaces! Read below if you want to create a Homeschool oasis that doesn’t appear so picture perfect and rigid.

- Designate one space in your home that will be the learning headquarters. This will be the location where the children hang out and get their work done.

- Make sure the room has enough space so that your children aren’t side by side. Personal space is important because they are in the house together ALL DAY LONG!

Since home - based learning has an element of comfort, play on that idea and begin to gather items around the house that are comfortable and scream peace and flexibility.

  • Bean Bag Chairs, Large Pillows. Medicine Balls - Bring these items into the space. This adds a level of comfort.

  • Aromatherapy - I know, this may appear “fufu” but it can make a difference. Our children have different learning styles and those refreshing scents may help calm anxiety or extreme nerves, especially during this time. Grab a diffuser and a salt lamp and create a space that is comfortable.

  • Background Music - Mellow music and instrumentals are a perfect idea. If there are lyrics, they may become a distraction. Create an atmosphere that is calm.

  • Plants - We are all in the space all day long, we need the positivity that plants and flowers bring, plus the fresh oxygen. Did you know plants can enhance your mood?

  • Lite Snack and Water - It's a no brainer that when you are at home, you are more inclined to want a snack. Have those water bottles and LIGHT snacks ready to go.

  • Television - Allow the screensaver to grace the screen instead of keeping it blank, this also helps with creating a warm environment.